QuantumListing Serves Your Listings to Your Website

Did you know that mobile-friendly QuantumListing serves your listings to your website, and its at no extra cost? Once you're a Premium Member ($79.99/year for Individual Users, $899.99/yr for Enterpri...

Did you know that mobile-friendly QuantumListing serves your listings to your website, and its at no extra cost? Once you're a Premium Member ($79.99/year for Individual Users, $899.99/yr for Enterprise Users) and have added your listings to QuantumListing, there are a couple of easy ways to do add your listings to your site.
The simplest way is to link your Account page to the menu bar at the top of your website. This is a "set it and forget it" solution. The Account page is your home base on QuantumListing. It is where you go to add, edit and delete your listings. There are several other features on your account page, but we'll focus on the listings for now.  Listings appear on your Account page in the order that you added them, with the newest at the top.
dresRochester, NY's Donovan Real Estate Services has a link at the top of their menu bar that sends users to their account page on QuantumListing.  When they add, edit or delete a listing, they don't have to worry about making changes on their listing service and on their website because the pages are one and the same.  When you click on their Listings link, it takes you to their Account page on QuantumListing. I liked this solution so much that I did the same thing on the Perlmutter Properties website!
Recckio Real Estate in Buffalo, NY took a different approach. You don't click directly from their menu bar to QuantumListing. Instead, they have a Search Properties link. When you click on that, you see a few featured properties, and then there is a button to go to see all of their listings on their account page at QuantumListing.
The QuantumListing sharing widget is another option for serving your listings to your website available for those of you willing to do a little bit more work. The sharing widget generates a snippet of code that you can embed on your website to serve your listings. You can customize the colors to emulate the look of your website. It also allows you to choose which listings are shared and in what order. You can generate more than one snippet, giving you lots of flexibility and options on how you deploy your listings on your website. For instance, you could have a page on your website for each asset class, or a page each of for sale and for lease listings. You can also select listings to illustrate a blog post, too. Here's an example of how I did that on the Perlmutter Properties Blog.
Personally, I love it when I look at Google Analytics and see that users are being referred to QuantumListing.com from other sites. It's free marketing. The toughest part of a start up is user acquisition. If other users can help generate the traffic to our site at no additional cost to them or us, it is a win/win solution. We're all creatures of habit, and admittedly for most commercial real estate searchers, QuantumListing is not the habitual site they are first going to today for their commercial real estate search. As more users adopt QuantumListing for its mobile-friendliness, it's ever expanding and improving array of features, and as a high quality, low cost alternative, we'll gradually change the habits of the commercial real estate industry. Delivering your listings to your site at no extra cost to you is a great way we can work together to change those habits. Give it a try.