by QuantumListing Team

QuantumListing Partners Unite In A Live Webinar

For the first time ever, we will be holding a QuantumListing Partner live webinar on Wednesday, April 1st at 3pm ET. In spite of the date of the webinar, this is not a practical joke, it is really happening. QuantumListing would not be where it is today in the CRETech and real estate industry and without our various syndications, collaborations, and other incredible partnerships. 

While we have introduced almost all of these companies on previous blog posts and webinars, this webinar marks the first time we are bringing (almost) all of our QuantumListing family under one (virtual) roof at the same time. 


Collegial and Competitive

“Just as I have always felt that my commercial real estate brokerage business is a collegial one as much as a competitive one, I feel the same way about commercial real estate technology. One of the things that has helped us grow as quickly as we have is the wonderful partnerships with other CREtech colleagues and companies. 

These include StackSource, which has an incredible online lending platform, accessible from all of our users’ for sale listings, Buildout and SharpLaunch which allow their users to seamlessly syndicate their listings to QuantumListing, Leavitt Digital which allows you to push your listings out to hundreds of online news sites, and CRE Collaborative where you can share your listings, coordinate the different CRE tech in your stack, and enhance your CRE data.” - David Perlmutter, CEO & Founder, QuantumListing

We encourage you to register and tune in to the live event at 3pm ET on Wednesday, April 1st. We hope you can participate in real time, but if not, you should still register and we’ll send you the replay. 

Keep reading to get a preview below of the companies joining us. During the webinar, each partner will introduce themselves and explain how they are changing our industry for the better with innovative marketing and technology. 


The News Funnel

Our lead-off guest is The News Funnel, which is also the first company to ever partner with us! We look forward to having Jen McCabe, Chief Growth Officer at The News Funnel, tell us how their company uses 5,000+ media sources to compile the biggest news platform in CRE. Be sure to sign up for their free news feed so that you can receive all of commercial real estate’s most relevant news at your fingertips daily. Thank you for being our official webinar sponsors! 



There would be no commercial real estate tech family without Linda Day Harrison as the glue holding us together. Thank you to Linda for your endless dedication to the industry, including the DNA of #CRE with Buildout. We are proud to be one of the promo partners. The marketing research the survey provides is invaluable.  

It has been a pleasure collaborating with you during #LetsGetSmart, #Let’sGetSocial, and #Let’sGetTogether. We look forward to our audience learning more about theBrokerList and how they can get involved. 




Andrew Bermudez of Digsy sets our webinar record, joining us for a 4th webinar (by the way, his 5th appearance is right around the corner on April 29th). Andrew will be talking about his lead generation platform Digsy AI. As David said then and he’ll say it again, “Digsy AI Changed My Brokerage Business”. Now is a great time to start using their powerful CRM and Lead Generation tools!




Founder Tim Milazzo joins us to explain how StackSource’s technology enables real estate professionals to explore financing options. In case you haven’t noticed, there’s a StackSource button on every one of our For Sale listings. If you want to learn more about our partnership before the webinar, click here!



Buildout logo

Ewa Baska, Director of Marketing, will give an overview of Buildout and also provide insight into their newest developments including Buildout Elite. We are proud to be one of Buildout’s syndication partners - their marketing software and exposure is unlike any other! Thank you Buildout for making the commercial real estate industry more connected. 


Leavitt Digital (LDCRE)

LDCRE logo
Leavitt Digital is another one of our valued syndication partners; with LDCRE, you can syndicate all your listings to more than 500 news publications. Before hearing CEO Brendan Hotchkiss speak live on Wednesday, check out these blog posts to learn more about our partnership “How to Get Your Listings in the Local News For Free and with Just One Click” and “Cooperation Is the new paradigm of CRE Tech.” Syndicating your listings through QuantumListing and LDCRE should be part of your marketing strategy.


CRECO (CRE Collaborative)

CRECO logo

Andreas Senie’s technology is helping to bring the industry together. His platform allows all of your technologies to talk to one another. Thank you to CRE Collaborative for working with us to help improve the broker experience. Click to read how CRE Collaborative is Integrating the CRE Tech Landscape and check out some of our previous webinars with Andreas, 2019: The Year in Tech and The State of CRE Technology.



Atypical Logo

ATYPICAL (formerly The Content Funnel) is an award-winning marketing agency changing commercial real estate as we know it. Here at QuantumListing, we have experienced first-hand ATYPICAL’s full service work and seen up close their phenomenal execution and dedication from start to finish. Their clientele ranges from small firms to big fish. To paraphrase their tagline, find out why They Are Not Unique, They Are ATYPICAL.



Reonomy Logo

We look forward to having Morgan Slade, Director of Product Marketing and Brand, to talk through Reonomy’s platform and property intelligence. Reonomy leverages big data, partnerships and machine learning to connect the fragmented, disparate world of commercial real estate. If you want to get started with a free trial with Reonomy, head to



Landchecks logo

We are happy to welcome LandChecks as our most recent partner. LandChecks provides aggregated Virtual Due Diligence Data from various agencies, on any property wherever available for buying, selling, or leasing at your palm. Here is a replay and demo from our recent webinar with Founder Pradeep Reddy, QuantumListing and Landchecks Partner: Due Diligence Just Got Easier and be sure to click on the LandChecks button on our listings to check out their service. 



Biproxi Logo

BiProxi joins us for the first time on a QuantumListing webinar to demonstrate how their end-to-end platform enables CRE professionals to sell faster. We will be teaming up with Biproxi in the coming months on a new and innovative initiative.  Keep your eye on these pages and our social media to learn more about these exciting developments.


And Shout Outs To...


SharpLaunch has been partnering with us for a long time, syndicating their customers’ listings to us each week. SharpLaunch won’t be able to be with us live during the webinar, but will have a solo webinar with their team in the coming months. SharpLaunch creates beautiful websites and marketing material, and they have an awesome blog, so check them out. SharpLaunch’s Neska Husar wrote a guest post on our blog titled  Why You Need A Property Website in 2019. 

Bekah Carlson  

Bekah is a commercial real estate broker in Illinois and runs marketing firm, Carlson Integrated. She has led two webinars with us, one on the WHYS of Marketing, and more recently on the HOWS of Marketing. These are well worth watching if you have an interest in improving your marketing skills. She is also a valued QuantumListing member and we love trading ideas with her!


Duke Long

All due respect to the Godfather of CRE Tech! Duke is a tireless evangelist for both commercial real estate and commercial real estate technology. His virtual Rolodex is unparalleled. David has been a guest a couple of times on Duke’s podcast and enjoys their frequent off air conversations. If you don’t subscribe to Duke’s blog, you are missing out on one of the most unique and insightful voices in our industry.



CRETECH, now part of the awesome Michael Beckerman’s expanding empire, is the closest thing we have to an industry association. They helped us at the beginning of Our QuantumListing Story and their conferences around the country have been growing exponentially and are must-attend events. They attract a Who’s Who of speakers and panelists, dozens of exhibitors and a gazillion participants. Their online content is a must read for all stakeholders in our industry. 



Wait. What? You don’t know what CREChat is? It’s the brainchild of Melissa Alexander and Casey Flannery, two Tennessee commercial real estate brokers. They host Twitter chat sessions on timely and important CRE topics, such as how to be productive while working remotely, and strategies for weathering a market downturn. 

Melissa and Casey were guests on our webinar and have been featured in many real estate and business publications.

For CREChat, Melissa and Casey prepare a theme and ask questions during the course of the chat, and participants answer with the hashtag #CREchat. Participate in the next CREChat and you will have fun, meet new people, and learn something. 


Liz Berthelette

QuantumListing’s Customer Success Advocate, Julia met Liz on CREChat. Liz is Research Director at NGKF in Boston. Over lunch, Julia was able to convince Liz to be our guest on our webinar to share her industry insights. 

Liz does an amazing job of spotting and analyzing industry trends, and communicates their impact with insight and clarity. Be sure to check out Liz’s two QuantumListing webinars, 5 Hot Topics in CRE and 10 Years in 10 Slides - A Decade of CRE in Review.


Melissa Swader

Known as the PR Ninja, Melissa Swader is a triple threat. She is Director of Marketing, PR & Administration for the largest SVN brokerage in Arizona. Not only does she never miss a beat at conferences, she is a social media wizard as well and somehow finds the time for her own podcast, run a magzine, and even write a book. Perhaps she can teach all of us her time management skills! We enjoyed having her on our webinar, Tips from a Marketing and PR Ninja. Be sure to follow her on social!



We at QuantumListing feel so grateful to be part of such a large and mutually supportive community. Listing distribution platforms like ours need more than just a marketing plan, buyers and sellers. We are lucky to have so many people all pulling in the same direction as us, including you, dear reader. 

Thanks for being part of our community. 

If you have a product or service that you think will complement our offerings please get in touch.