by QuantumListing Team

Quantum Lister: Sue Horowitz of SH Commercial Real Estate 

How do you get new business? 

My main sources of business are repeat clients and referrals. I also generate new business from contacts from memberships in professional organizations related to my areas of expertise. Sue Horowitz Business Card


What tech tools do you use to manage your listings? 

I use QuantumListing, CoStar, CREXI, Brevitas, RealNet, Deal Stream, and the MLS 


What other technology do you use to manage your business? 

I also use ClientLook, Buildout, Prospect Now, and NARRPR 


How does QuantumListing fit into your technological tool kit? 

QuantumListing is a principal tool, it is easy to use, affordable, and offers excellent companion products and resources. QuantumListing is feasible for independent and small brokerages as well as large private and corporate brokerages.  

A defining distinction of QuantumListing is its responsiveness to subscribers and accessibility to live help.  You do not just get on-line chat or email but direct personal contact. 


What are your favorite QuantumListing features? 

I enjoy reading the QuantumListing blog each week and attending their webinars. I really like staying informed about what is happening in my market through the Networks & Groups features. Listing Promotion is affordable, easy to use, and gets my listings more exposure.  

Their Lead Capture is also budget friendly and I’m hoping will be a source of new deals. I’m contemplating using their i-frame feature to share my listings to my website.  

The QuantumListing partnerships have exposed me to interesting new services and technologies, and give me the opportunity to select the tools that make the most sense for my business. 


How do you see technology changing CRE? 

Technology will continue to evolve and enhance the way we do business. The current COVID-19 pandemic is certain to change the future of CRE including client meetings, marketing techniques, and transaction processes. Nonetheless, the broker/agent will always be important in assisting buyers, sellers and investors in navigating the negotiation and closing process. Brokers and agents will continue to provide assistance and be a resource after the transaction is consummated. 


What other emerging trends do you see in CRE? In your market? In your region? Nationally? 

In senior living facilities, I see the emergence of the "hotelization." This is to accommodate a surge in an aging population that is healthier, living long and wants more amenities. 

There are several exciting real estate trends I am seeing in educational facilities. They include enhanced technological capabilities and improved safety measures for better security.  

Schools are incorporating innovative design models equipped with appropriate resources. These include specialized classrooms, collaborative spaces, flexible environments, outdoor learning spaces, and career technology spaces. 


Is there anything else that you’d like our readers to know? Sue Horowitz Commercial Properties

My business is a mix of seller/landlord and buyer/tenant representation. 

Check out Sue’s QuantumListing profile and listings below.