by QuantumListing Team

Quantum Lister Profile: Roxy Klein of Progressive Real Estate Partners

Progressive Real Estate Partners Retail Sales and Leasing Specialist, Roxanne “Roxy” Klein is the subject of our newest Quantum Lister Profile.

We are excited to announce that Roxy Klein of Progressive Real Estate Partners is the first featured broker of the 2021 Quantum Lister series, in which we interview our members about their outlook on current commercial real estate trends as well as tools & tips for success. 

Progressive Real Estate Partners is a member of The Retail Brokers Network, which consists of 600+ Retail Professionals, 55+ Offices Nationwide, and $6.5 Billion Annual Transaction Volume.

Thank you Roxy for your dedication to the industry! Be sure to check out Roxy’s listings at the bottom of the blog post. 


How long have you been in Commercial Real Estate?

4 years


What are some of the biggest changes you’ve seen in the industry during that time?

Changes I have noticed are the downsizing of square footage in retail.  This was even prevalent prior to COVID.  The downsizing can be primarily explained by increasing rents. In some instances, the only way it makes sense for a Tenant to lease a space is by decreasing their SF.


How many listings do you have?



How do you get new business?

Networking, Prospecting, & Referrals 

What tech tools do you use to manage all the listings?

I use Airtable, Google Sheets, and Hubspot to manage both my listings & business.


What other technology do you use to manage your business?

I use Zapier to automatically put leads I receive in my emails into my database which then automatically adds the lead as a new contact in my CRM.


How does QuantumListing fit into your technological tool kit?

QuantumListing is a great tool for increasing exposure of my listings.


What are your favorite QuantumListing features?

My favorite QuantumListing features include the blogs and webinars that offer suggestions of how to increase clicks on my listings. QuantumListing also sends out e blasts on listings, which I find to be very useful and beneficial.


How do you see technology changing CRE?

With consumers having direct access to some listings due to technology, I see the need for the commercial real estate community to educate the public on the other roles a broker provides besides finding the property.  These include market analysis of price per square foot, location analysis, demographic analysis,  negotiator, researcher, and more!