by Julia Perlmutter

Putting the Spotlight on Your CRE Wants

Remember going to the local commercial real estate haves and wants marketing sessions? You weren’t going for the free breakfast or lunch. You went because deals started there. You learned about new listings and new requirements from your colleagues, looking for opportunities where your interests matched up. 

For the time being, holding these in person sessions are impractical because of state and local restrictions and personal health concerns.


We Can’t Meet in Person, but...

As a listing site, our core mission is to help people share information about their commercial real estate. As part of that mission, we’ve been holding periodic online Haves and Wants virtual marketing sessions for a couple of years now. At first, these were nationwide sessions focusing on a particular asset class. More recently, we have held state-based virtual marketing sessions. Participants have welcomed the opportunity to connect and network with their colleagues and several conversations have continued after the meeting ended. You can read more about this in our blog post, REALTORS Commercial Alliance of Massachusetts Meet Online

Marketing sessions are great, but don’t always coordinate with your schedule. Fear not. We have tools to help prospective buyers and tenants search for space and inform their colleagues about their requirements. 


Haves and Wants Group Chats

To encourage more dialogue among our members, we recently reimagined our statewide group chats to “Haves and Wants” groups so that members can use the chat to express what they have to sell and lease or what they’re seeking. Posts can include hyperlinks to your listing so people will be able to get instant access to it. You can see an example of one of our statewide of a chat dialogue in our Florida Haves and Wants Groups below:

Additionally, all our users, including tenant reps, investors, and of course brokers are more than welcome to take advantage of our brand promotion feature to advertise what type of deals they represent. 


What if you don’t have listings?

Our role as an online marketplace is to foster both sides of the deal. So, we added a new tool that gives people a highly visible way to share what they’re looking for. This new feature allows all QuantumListing premium members to post Wants just as easily as you post Listings!

Once you post your Want, just like listings, it shows up at the top of the new listings page and is searchable by anyone. You can see below what it will look like from our search page. People can even use the Filter button to narrow down the search and only see the list of Wants.

If you are a broker, owner, buyer or tenant looking for commercial real estate, stand out from the crowd and be an early adopter of this feature. Crowdsourcing your requirement by posting it as a Want on QuantumListing gives you another tool to find the property or the professional you need faster and easier. Learn how to post your first Want by clicking here.


It takes two… 

In order to be a true online marketplace, it is not enough to only have space for real estate professionals to list properties. Deals are a two-way street. We take pride in our role as a listing service where all commercial real estate professionals can publicize what they need or what they have. If you are tired of searching around sites aimlessly, try our features that allow you to get your voice heard and share your Wants to other commercial real estate professionals.