by David Perlmutter


QuantumListing added Networks as an extension of its individual and enterprise memberships. Network membership is included as part of your regular membership, whether it is an individual or enterprise membership. And, you can belong to as many networks as you want. We've created networks for each state and include everyone who joins QuantumListing in at least one network, based on where your listings are, or absent listings, on the area code of your phone number. Members can ask to join other networks, too.

Our networks, though, are capable of a lot more than just breaking down our members' listings into state-sized chunks. Here are examples of different types of organizations that can benefit from having a network.

Multi-office brokerages 

Scenario: Your company has multiple offices. You create an enterprise account for each office, adding the agents and listings to the enterprise account specific to each branch. You can use QuantumListing's iFrames to add each office's listings to its own webpage or website. Then you ask us to create a network for your company. Each branch is added to the network. From the sidebar on their QuantumListing Profile page, each member of your organization can see all of the other agents in the company as well as their listings, and because of the ease of access to the information, your company experiences greater communication and cooperation between offices. Using the Network News, everyone in the company can see what the most recent changes are to the network, new listings, edited listings, new agents, closed deals and more. Your company can also use the Network iFrame to post all of the listings to its website. The added bonus is that your listings and agents are accessible on the QuantumListing website to everyone with an internet connection because there is no paywall to view their listings.

Economic Development Corporations or Agencies, Chambers of Commerce and Associations of Commercial Realtors

Scenario: You are the head of an economic development agency, corporation, or a chamber of commerce. You want to provide a solution for existing and prospective businesses to find real estate opportunities in your market. You ask us to create a network, which we do. You get your IT guy to add our iFrame code to your website. Then, you reach out to commercial agents and landlords and encourage them to add their listings. They obligingly do so, knowing that they get a 3-month free trial membership to start. You sit back in wonder as your listing page on your website begins to populate with their listings. As deals get done, the website is updated in real time as the brokers and owners update or archive their listings. As the network admin, you'll have access to analytics and you'll be able to use our system to email your members individually or in groups.

If you would like to learn more about QuantumListing Networks, contact [email protected] to schedule a web meeting or phone call.

To see examples of our statewide networks, click HERE.