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24 Aug 2020
Your QuantumListing Profile Page is the launching pad for your commercial real estate success on our site and we want to make sure you know every aspect of it to ensure you make the most of your experience with us. Read more
10 Aug 2020
Each week on QuantumListing Office Hours we will cover a different QuantumListing topic to unlock the skills you need to better your commercial real estate practice using our tools. Read more
18 Feb 2020
With over 30 years of experience as a commercial real estate broker, QuantumListing Founder David Perlmutter provides some tips for new buyers and tenants that are as applicable to other US cities as they are to New York City. Read more
14 Apr 2020
Last week, we had Liz Berthelette come on our weekly webinar series to talk about the last decade of commercial real estate. Liz is a Commercial Real Estate Research Director at Newmark Knight Frank in Boston. Check out her insights into the most significant trends in the CRE industry in the last 10 years. Read more
28 Apr 2019
We talked last week with marketing expert, Gordon Platt, of Gotham Media. Read Gordon's thoughts and actionable suggestions on how you can level up your commercial real estate marketing game. Read more
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