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27 Feb 2021
Are you concerned that your listings are not getting enough traffic? Social media is a powerful tool to increase your listings’ visibility. Read more
12 Oct 2020
What do you get when you cross a business social network with a commercial real estate listing site? Read more
21 Sep 2020
You’ve made the right decision to take the first step and syndicate your listings from Buildout. At QuantumListing, we believe in Customer Success.  Not only do we want your listings syndicated, we want them looking their best and seen by as many people as possible. Here are a few easy and actionable ways to get your listings more exposure and maximize your experience on QuantumListing.  Read more
17 Aug 2020
Commercial real estate broker and marketing professional Rebekah Carlson of Carlson Integrated brings us up to date on the latest trends in commercial real estate marketing. Read more
21 Oct 2019
QuantumListing users have called our site the LinkedIn or Facebook of listing services. There are many features that make QuantumListing a blend between a commercial real estate marketplace and a social media platform. Not only can you share your listings and entire profile externally to all of your social media accounts, but there are also many internal features that allow you to interact with other users. Read more