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03 Feb 2020
The commercial real estate industry now has approximately 7000 tech solutions from which to choose. How do you make them work well together? Read more
01 Jul 2019
Digsy Co-Founder and CEO Andrew Bermudez builds on his experience as a commercial real estate broker to share more than a dozen and a half tools to harness the internet’s treasure trove of data to generate leads. Read more
17 Feb 2019
Andreas Senie, Co-Founder and CEO of CRE Collaborative, joined QuantumListing CEO David Perlmutter for a webinar where they discussed the powerful features of CRE Collaborative and how technology is empowering the real estate industry. Read more
10 Feb 2019
QuantumListing CEO David Perlmutter and Leavitt Digital CEO Brendan Hotchkiss discussed the growing importance of cooperation in CRE tech and other subjects in their recent webinar. Read more
16 Dec 2018
Check out some of the highlights from the QuantumListing blog in 2018! Read more