by David Perlmutter

Poll Results - Where Do You Plan on Doing most of Your Holiday Shopping?

Here are the results for this week's Twitter poll: Where do you plan on doing most of your holiday shopping? The poll opened on the evening of Cyber Monday, and closed on Tuesday evening. We had a total of 262 votes.
The tally came in at 52%  In store, 15% Retail websites, 27% and 6% Humbug.
The poll is a fairly blunt instrument and certainly has its limitations. For example, how do respondents define "doing most of your holiday shopping"? Is it where they will spend their time or their money? Is it the number of gifts purchased or shopping dollars?
Even with those questions left unanswered, I find the results quite startling. Just over half responded "In store." Can you imagine a number that low ten years ago, or even five? How about the 15% for "Retail websites" vs the 27% for ""? I find it remarkable that one website has such clout with consumers. There are thousands and thousands of other retail websites out there, from traditional department stores to discounters to specialty sites. And Amazon has almost twice the votes? Is this because of their vaunted Prime free shipping? Is it the breadth of merchandise? Is it the easy ability to comparison shop prices? Is it one stop shopping? Is theirs the just best mouse trap?
A poll like this seems to raise more questions than it answers, but it gets the conversation started. And I hope you'll chime in with your thoughts in the comments. If you are going to be at the ICSC New York National Deal Making on December 7th and 8th, stop by Booth 368 and we can keep the conversation going there.
As for the "Humbug" respondents, the percentage of Humbuggers went down as the poll progressed. So, maybe it's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas.
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David Perlmutter is the author of the QuantumListing Blog and publisher of the QuantumListing App. He is also the owner of Perlmutter Properties Inc. in White Plains, NY.
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