by David Perlmutter

Poll Results - How often do you use your smartphone for commercial real estate purposes?

The results are in for our 24 hour, one question Twitter poll, How often do you use your smartphone for commercial real estate purposes:phone/email/text, CRE app, or other app? While the number of respondents is not overwhelming (12), the results are.
Voters had a choice of Daily, A few times a week, At least 1X/month, and I use a clamshell. One hundred percent answered that they use their smartphones on a daily basis for commercial real estate purposes. This confirms Chris Clark's supposition in her article, Is CRE Looking at Mobile the Right Way?
She takes me to school (but very nicely) for my previous poll "Do you use any commercial real estate apps?" in which 81% of the respondents answered no to that question. Chris writes about that poll, "Or perhaps the wrong question was asked.   If the question had been how often you do use your phone for CRE related purposes, the percentage would have likely been 100%." Well, Chris, you were right!
Chris concludes her article, "There’s more to CRE than just listings, isn’t there?  And there’s more to cracking mobile than finding a hole to fill – and filling it with more “appendage” apps for agents. It’s about gaining more exposure, finding new users and markets. To do that, CRE apps need to be based on how people use their phones for non-CRE apps.  Time to start looking at mobile from outside the CRE tunnel."
For better or worse (I'll take the former), QuantumListing is in part, a listing app. However, I see it as more than that. It is a communication tool. Not only are buttons to contact listing owners via email or phone right there at the top of each listing, but the app also gives the user the ability to easily post their listings to social media like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.
It is also a source of local building information. If you are in front of a building, and its owner or agent has posted the listing on QuantumListing, when you can open the Map/Search page, you will see a blinking blue dot on top of a QuantumListing icon. Tap on that icon and a balloon opens up with the buildings address. Tap on that, and you'll get the listing detail page, which also allows you to call or email the agent or owner.
QuantumListing is also a productivity tool. Imagine this scenario: You have just finished showing space to a customer. You were smart enough to bring enough copies of your flyer with you, but the customer wants an electronic copy. Maybe they don't want to handle the paper, maybe they want to forward it to the rest of their team. With QuantumListing, you have a dedicated app on your device where you know you can find and send that PDF. You don't have to call someone back at the office, schlep back to the office, or remember to send it when you get back to the office next. You don't have to go digging through Dropbox, which has a gazillion other things. You just go to the My Listings section of the app, tap a couple of buttons to bring the PDF to your screen and send it. Now go get yourself  a cup of coffee.
If you have a few minutes this weekend, and it really will only take a few minutes, visit our new Video Demos page. You'll find some short videos giving an overview of the app, and drilling down to some of its features.
David Perlmutter is the author of the QuantumListing Blog and publisher of the QuantumListing App. He is also the owner of Perlmutter Properties Inc. in White Plains, NY.