Smart Signs for Changing Times

#LetsGetSmart – Smart Signs for Changing Times

Mike McClure, senior account executive and image consultant for Ad Art Sign Company, was one of the inspirations for the #LetsGetSmart17 speaker series, according to host David Perlmutter. Mike is someone who enjoys not only talking about his craft, but also hearing about others' insights into businesses and the future. Ad Art Sign Company is an award-winning national sign company that is primarily based out of California, Nevada, and Texas. Mike started in the sign business as an apprentice sign installer more than thirty years ago. Mike began his talk by discussing broadly how important it is for companies today to constantly ... Read more

Disrupting CRE Listings

As a 31 year veteran of the commercial real estate industry, I was not satisfied with the commercial real estate listing solution offerings available to me. My existing information services didn't allow me to be as productive as I could be when I was out of the office, canvassing and showing space. So, I decided to create QuantumListing, a solution to all the issues my previous services did not provide. Whether I'm at the office, on the road, or at home, and whether I'm on my computer, my phone or tablet, I have access to my listings, can add new ones, ... Read more
Set Yourself Free with QuantumListing 1.5

Set Yourself Free With The QuantumListing App for iOS

No more schlepping back to your desk at the office to search, post and share commercial real estate listings. You're a road warrior and you can take it with you when you've got QuantumListing for iOS version 1.5 on your iPhone. With QuantumListing you can add your listing to your account wherever you are, even while you're sitting in your client's conference room after inking that exclusive agency agreement. It only takes a couple of minutes and it is so easy. Here's the description of QuantumListing from the App Store: -QuantumListing is a powerful easy-to-use commercial real estate (CRE) listing app. ... Read more
Data Insights Drive Sales Productivity

#LetsGetSmart – Data Insights Drive Sales Productivity

Andrew Bermudez flew in from California to talk at #LetsGetSmart about how data insights can drive sales productivity. Andrew is the CEO and Co-Founder of Digsy AI, a commercial real estate tech startup. Andrew began his career as an agent with Lee & Associates in California, and Digsy evolved from tech tools he had developed to enhance his own practice. Andrew took it a step further with Digsy AI, using data gleaned from thousands of deals to extrapolate best practices for driving sales productivity, and it’s applicable to virtually any industry. Andrew began his talk describing Digsy AI. The company examines data ... Read more

#LetsGetSmart – A Data-Driven Look at the Future of Retail

Pamela Flora discussed various trends in retail that her research has uncovered during her #LetsGetSmart17 talk at ICSC RECon. As the director of research at Cushman and Wakefield, a global real estate services firm, her work involves conducting general research that identifies trends in retail and publishing analyses of this information. Pam began by  discussing the media’s negative coverage of retail. According to the media, the state of retail is dark: “it’s the armageddon, the apocalypse, and the world is coming to an end.” Her vivid description of the media’s take on retail drew laughs from the crowd. Supporting the media’s ... Read more
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