by QuantumListing Team

On Demand Marketing That Fits Your Budget

Use QuantumListing's on demand marketing options to increase exposure for your listings.

QuantumListing’s tagline is “Search for Free, Post for Less, Share Everywhere.” Some might wonder, how much QuantumListing costs compared to other listing services. Unlike some other listing sites, our pricing is completely transparent. Annual membership is just $89.99 per member for unlimited listings. 

In addition to our yearly membership, we have several on demand marketing options available to give your listings more exposure. Our philosophy is to keep the base cost of the listing service low and give you the option to use the following marketing tools as and when you want to deploy them, keeping them all at an extraordinarily reasonable price.


Listing Promotion 

Listing promotion is available at $7.50 per listing per month, or $2.50 per listing per week. When you promote your listing on QuantumListing, it brings your listing to the top of search results in your market, which gives you an automatic upperhand among other real estate professionals in your area


Brand Promotion

Another option to increase your exposure on our listing platform is with Brand Promotion, which puts your company’s market message at the top of searches in your specified market. When someone clicks on your ad, it takes them to your QuantumListing profile page. They are $50 for 1 month, $125 for 3 months, or $400 for a year. 

 If you want to create your own ad, The size of the ad is 500 px w x 600 px h. Oftentimes, QuantumListing members will use their brand logo or slogan in this ad. If you need help designing it, our team is available to help you bring your idea to life.


Google Display Network Advertising

Advertising on the Google Display Network is also available for listings. You can choose which listing you want to show as an ad on other websites.  You can even choose up to two markets to feature the listing in so that the ad reaches your ideal demographic. 

Choose between $25, $50 and $100 options, with the only difference being the amount of time the ad will run. A $25 spend will average around 20,000 views on other websites, and can generate as many as 20 to 30 clicks. Because Google uses an auction system, the number of views is variable especially depending on how expensive your selected market is.


Email Blasts

Email marketing still stands as one of the most successful and efficient forms of marketing, with the highest return on investment. All premium members get the first email blast free. You can purchase more blasts in packages with options available for $25 for 1 blast, $100 for 5 blasts, and $200 for 12 blasts.


Bundled Marketing Package

In case you haven’t already caught on, we always want to give you the best deal possible at QuantumListing. That’s why we  offer a bundled marketing package that includes an email blast, listing promotion and a Google Display ad. This package offers an incredible value, so that you can take advantage of multiple marketing features with a lower net price. These packages start at $50, and we also have $75 and $125 options per listing, with the only difference being the amount going toward the Google ads.


Get Started with On Demand Marketing Now

QuantumListing Premium members can get started today with your on demand marketing strategy by clicking here to visit the Payments and Marketing Center or on the green button with the line graph from their profile page.

Please let our team know if you have any questions or would like to get on a call or web meeting. Schedule a meeting with a QuantumListing team member by clicking this link.