by Julia Perlmutter

Nine Things that Happen When You Join QuantumListing

If you have already joined QuantumListing, here are 9 things that will happen when you join. If you have not yet started your membership, it is not too late. Click here to register and then check out the blog post below to learn what happens when you join our site.


  1. Shortly after joining QuantumListing, our team will add you to a group and network based on your geographic area. We will base this off your area code in the phone number that you provide or the locations of listings that you add, but there is always the opportunity to join other state Networks and Haves and Wants Groups. Once you are added to the group and network that suits your market, you will instantly be able to check out other listings in your area, network with other professionals, and instantly get connected with the QuantumListing members in your state.
  2. As long as you join as an active premium member (Individual or Enterprise), you can add your listings as soon as you join QuantumListing. In order to do this, just click the Listings button on the sidebar menu of your Profile Page and then find the green plus button. It should be intuitive but be sure to check out this “How It Works” article on how to add a listing. 
  3. All listings on our site automatically get shared to our social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. That means that even if you are not active on all of these sites, your listings will still be posted on them! We do, however, recommend that you share the listings, especially via LinkedIn (insert link to blog post). This is why QuantumListing’s slogan is “Search for Free, Post for less, Share Everywhere.”
  4. When you join QuantumListing, we highly recommend that one of the first steps you take is to add as much information to your profile as possible. This will increase the amount of content that search engines have to index so that your profile and listings rank higher in search results and get as much exposure as possible.
  5. We encourage you to schedule a demo when you join QuantumListing so that you can get to know our Support and Customer Success team and learn the in’s and out’s of the site. Our team is always here to answer any questions you may have via the Intercom or by emailing [email protected] as well. 
  6. Within the first days of joining QuantumListing, our team will add you to a series of instructional emails called QuantumListing Academy. These emails will walk you through some of the most important steps you should take and learn about when you become a member of our site. We hope you enjoy them and reach out with any questions!
  7. One of the main aspects of our site that is important to know about is the amount of social features that we have. In addition to the aforementioned Groups and Networks, you can also follow other members and even send them chat messages. We recommend you do this in order to get a head start on your networking and start getting more leads! 
  8. Speaking of leads, all active premium members will automatically receive all the leads on their listings. When someone visits your listing, they can click on any of the “Contact the Agent” buttons above and below the listing images. This will create a lead on your Profile Page. Don’t fret if you don’t have time to check your leads every day - you will get an email for every lead that you receive. Be sure to contact your leads as soon as you can so that you can get one step closer to closing your next deal!
  9. Once you have become a master of QuantumListing, you will have the opportunity to become a QuantumLister, which means that we will highlight your listings on our site and publish a series of questions that you will answer about the commercial real estate industry and your experience with listing sites, including your favorite features on our platform. 


While these are all aspects of our site that happen after you join there are plenty of other things that you can do and we recommend. Here are a few resources that we recommend that you check out in order to further familiarize yourself with QuantumListing and make sure you use our site to your best advantage to better your commercial real estate practice.