New Ways to Share Listings

At QuantumListing, we are always thinking about new ways to share our users' listings to help them to get more exposure. Your success is our success. Some of the many things we are doing include working on improving our SEO, sharing your listings to social media, and featuring listings on our blog. We're spending most of our efforts and money on improving the platform and very little on advertising. Once we get to the point (and it will be soon!) where people are paying for Premium Memberships, and/or we've raised some capital, then we'll take a closer look at paid advertising and marketing. For now, though, we're relying on email, social media, word of mouth, the occasional article, and of course, our blog. We keep on getting a little better on all fronts.
We just learned how to embed content from elsewhere on our site into a post, and present a post in columns (see Brad Rohrbaugh's listings above). These may be small things, but since we're figuring things out as we go along, we'll take a moment to pat ourselves on the back. The embedded content is exciting, because as a user updates his or her listings, the content in the post will be updated accordingly.
At some point, we'll figure out how to present "dynamic content," so that the more you come to QuantumListing, the better we'll know what types of listings interest you, and we'll be able to make suggestions. In the meantime, we'll keep taking baby steps to get there. Each small accomplishment is exciting and energizing, and makes us want to reach the next goal.

Speaking of things that make me want to achieve goals, I received this postcard from CoStar/LoopNet. It makes the following claims: 86% of all 2015 CRE sales transactions included a CoStar user, there are 8.8 million property searches everyday on their sites, they have over 5 million monthly unique visitors, and there are 200,000 CRE professionals plus the tenant and investor audience that use their platforms. Let's take it all at face value and assume their numbers are true. These are impressive statistics. And, I'll admit that in my brokerage business, I am part of those statistics.
Looking at this postcard, though, I can't help but think of the verse from Proverbs, "Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall," commonly shortened to "Pride goes before a fall." The left hand side of the postcard is impressive. The right hand side, "Put your listing where it will actually be seen" seems a bit nasty and arrogant, even if it is true. Am I being oversensitive? Maybe, maybe not.
My father was in the supermarket business, so I grew up thinking that competition yielded innovation and a better deal for the consumer. I wish CoStar and LoopNet no ill will. I just think that they need some competition. Consumers, in this case, the commercial real estate community, will benefit from competition. The right hand side of the postcard tells me two things. One, that CoStar/LoopNet is acknowledging that there are other platforms out there that are trying to edge into the business. And, two, that they actually are responding to the market by making it a little easier for people to add their listings (remind you of any start ups, wink wink?). If the RealMassive's, REOnomy's SpotCRE's, The Broker List's and QuantumListings of the world can make a better product or if it just forces CoStar/LoopNet to be better, either way, that's a win for the consumers. If we can make them rethink their pricing structure too, that's a HUGE win. Personally, I would rather see all of the CREtech startups and CoStar/LoopNet all innovate their way to further success. CRE is a huge market and there is room for lots of players to succeed. I'll say it again, competition yields innovation and a better deal for the consumer. If you don't put the consumer first, you won't last very long.
Please do your part to help make the commercial real estate information market more competitive, and ultimately more efficient. You can start right now by registering for a QuantumListing account, post your listings, and/or search others' listings.
By the way, I posted that postcard to my Twitter feed and pinned it to the top, and I am pretty sure it has had the highest engagement rate of any of my posts over the last year.
***As of October 1, 2016, the trial Premium Membership period is three months.***