New Twitter Poll: How Do You Think the 2017 Commercial Real Estate Market Will Compare to 2016?

Stay Tuned BitmojiWe're conducting a new Twitter poll, asking the question, "How do you think the 2017 commercial real estate market will compare to 2016?" It's been eight years since the great recession and most sectors of the commercial real estate market in most markets have recovered nicely. Will a long awaited uptick in interest rates finally happen and have a negative impact? Will the incoming Drumpf administration be a plus or minus for real estate? Will global climate change create unforeseen conditions that are hostile to commercial real estate or be a non-issue? Commercial real estate is a dynamic industry, and the tide does not rise and fall as one in the different asset classes in the country's different regions. Nonetheless, with a month left to go in 2016, it is a great time to take the pulse of the industry to see what it feels is in store for the year ahead.

The final results and analysis were published in the year-end edition of The New York Real Estate Journal. Be sure to check out our column, Quantum Query, to see our previous articles in the NYREJ.