by David Perlmutter

New Twitter #MarchMadness Poll

It's time for March Madness. This Thursday and Friday are probably the back to back worst productivity days in offices and workplaces each year. All around the country, work is accompanied by the sound of the first round of the NCAA Tournament. Never mind the hours spent filling out brackets, second guessing original choices, consulting the experts, listening to podcasts and reading the sports pages earlier in the week. Let's face it, it's a lot of fun. Even if you don't know anything about college basketball, it is compelling to watch these young men play their hearts out, actually playing defense. There is a lot at stake, but school pride, and a national showcase for their talents to put them in contention for lucrative future careers in the NBA.


There are so many different ways to watch from the workplace. Sure, you can watch on tv in the office lobby or conference room. Maybe you are a hot shot in the corner office and have your own tv. Or, maybe you are Dilbert, in your cubicle, watching the tournament on your computer. You can even be a road warrior and watch the tournament on your tablet or smartphone. However, with eight games being played during business hours Thursday afternoon, you might have to bust out multiple screens!
Good luck with your brackets, everyone. I hope you answer the poll, and feel free to tweet your comments to @QuantumListing, or leave them below.