by Julia Perlmutter

New Feature Alert: Network Email Blasts!

With a QuantumListing Premium Membership, not only can you send out mass emails to your own proprietary list but you can also take advantage of our Network Email Blasts. As you may recall, every QuantumListing member is assigned to a network based on their geographic area. This makes it easy to look at all of the listings within your network and also find out about any news like when a listing is added or updated. 

QuantumListing’s newest feature enables you to send an email out to all of the members of your network so that you can get directly in touch with commercial real estate professionals in your area. Whether you have a listing for sale that just reduced price or you are a prospective buyer, this is the best way to reach your local and regional real estate professionals. 

In fact, we had one user email out a call for offer for an investment property listing and within an hour, they already had a response with a verbal offer. This user, like you, had tried everything he thought imaginable to try and sell this listing and was very pleased to gain traction with our new Network Email Blasts. 

Network Email Blast

As you may recall, networks are often our most important resource due to the Network Effect. If you forget what the this is, feel free to check out this article, What Do the Telephone, Etsy, Real Estate Conventions, and Quantumlisting All Have In Common? While it would be great to get everyone together in person every week or month to network and talk about commercial real estate, that is unfortunately not realistic. So, why not send out your commercial real estate haves and wants via email? 

Statistics show that the ROI on email is $44 for every $1 spent, making email one of your most powerful tools. If email and networking are two of our biggest assets when it comes to closing deals, why not combine the two?  

This is why we created Network Email Blasts and are excited to now present them to our larger QuantumListing audience. Contact [email protected] if you are interested in trying this out.