by QuantumListing Team

Memories of ICSC's Past

Our team is thinking of all of our friends and colleagues at ICSC’s national convention this week and wishing you all the best networking, deal-making, and fun! We wanted to take this time to reflect on some of our favorite memories from past ICSC's.

1. #LetsGetSocial

One of our favorite events of the Las Vegas ICSC is #LetsGetSocial where we get together to meet up with new and old friends in the industry to reconnect, catch up, and form new connections. Check out this webinar replay of our ICSC RECon RECap to see live footage from #LetsGetSocial and learn more about the other events that QuantumListing co-hosted with our commercial real estate friends. 

2. #LetsGetSmart

The #LetsGetSmart speaker series was always a favorite event to incorporate during the week of ICSC, which by the way is the largest shopping center convention in the world. Every year, we had new speakers offering knowledge on a range of industry topics that always addressed cutting edge technology and new trends within commercial real estate. In addition to the incredible range of speakers at #LetsGetSmart, we provided delicious In’N’Out burgers to the attendees. It was a great way to make the last day of the convention interesting, productive and delicious!!

Click the link below to check out some of the #LetsGetSmart videos from the past. Who would you like to see present in a future #LetsGetSmart speaker series?

#LetsGetSmart - Past, Present and Future

3. #LetsGetTogether

Another event that we enjoyed in the past was #LetsGetTogether, where we opened up our booth to anyone who wanted to use our space to meet up with colleagues, host meetings, or relax and hang out. One of the most enjoyable parts of this was co-hosting the space with other companies in the industry who are part of our commercial real estate family. 

Remember when…

If you would like to read our past coverage of ICSC events, including summaries of the talks at #LetsGetSmart, click HERE.

If you are attending this year’s convention or have recently returned from it, please share your impressions with us!