by Julia Perlmutter

Maximize Exposure With Promoted Listings

If you’ve been a QuantumListing member for a while, you know that we share everyone’s listings directly to our homepage and externally to social media. We treat every listing with care and now we have another opportunity for your posts to get EVEN MORE exposure.

As mentioned, everybody gets exposure on our site but you may want to nudge yours to the top.

Take It To The Top

For example, let’s say you have an office building that needs to be in contract by the end of the quarter. You’ve been making cold calls left and right for months, but you’re not finding any breaks. Then, you hear that you are able to highlight your listing on QuantumListing with a couple of simple clicks. While you have several listings on this site, you decide you really want to focus on this listing so that you can find a buyer in the next few days. So, you choose to promote your listing for just one week, for the small price of $2.50.

A few of your cold calls get back to you and say they are not interested in this time. While you are disappointed, you are still hopeful about this new feature you just tried on QuantumListing. The next day, you answer the phone, expecting it to be another person returning one of your calls with no interest. Instead, they say that they saw your listing at the top of their QuantumListing search, and they are ready to make an offer NOW.

Hungry For More Deals

A few months later, after you close the deal on the office building, you are at your desk looking over your other listings. You are so excited that your $2.50 investment paid off that you decide it's worth promoting your other listings. So, you choose a few listings to promote for just $7.50 a month each (less than $2 a week).

Ecstatic about the sale of your office building, you leave work and go out to dinner to celebrate your recent closing with your family. At dinner, you get a phone call, expecting it to be your boss congratulating you. Instead, it’s another buyer who saw your newest listing on QuantumListing. When you hang up the phone, you tell your family that you think you have another interested buyer. The waiter approaches and asks what you want. “Definitely the filet. And more champagne please, sir.”

So, if you feel like your listings need more action and you’re willing to invest a bit more money in it, we make it really easy for you to get that extra spotlight.

Power Up With Listing Promotion and Lead Capture

Furthermore, we recently introduced our Lead Capture feature, which is an excellent way to connect you directly to website visitors who are interested in your listings, because we’ve made it easier than ever for them to let you know what they are looking for. Listing promotion and lead capture were designed to work synergistically. If you want to maximize the leads that you get from our site, that is all the more reason that Listing Promotion is just for you.


Click HERE to learn how to add Listing Promotions to your QuantumListing account.