by David Perlmutter

March Madness Viewing Technology Poll: Surprising Early Results

We started a Twitter poll yesterday which will run through the end of business on the West Coast today, and the early results are quite surprising. The question we asked is, “How do you watch March Madness on the job?” Let’s face it, it’s a given that our country is obsessed with March Madness. Young and old, male and female, people spend a lot of time obsessing about their brackets. Here’s the poll, you can click on it and take it, but may need a Twitter account to vote.

The early results show 41% of respondents watching March Madness on their smartphone while on the job. While that would be my own last choice for how to watch the tournament, one can understand why that is so far the most popular answer. Not everyone has access to a TV at work, watching on the computer might be too obvious a shirking of work responsibilities, and almost everyone has a smartphone with them at all times. My teenage kids are very comfortable consuming all kinds of media on their smartphones. So the issue of following the action on a smallish screen that my 53 year old brain and eyes have is not one necessarily shared by younger generations.
As an app developer whose content is largely visual, I am definitely gratified that smartphones are leading the results. Tasks that are now mostly performed on computers and larger screens, are being shifted to mobile devices. The more types of content that people become comfortable with on their smartphones, the better off apps like QuantumListing will be in the long run.
***UPDATE 3-19-16***

Incredibly, the final result was 44% on smartphones, 35% on TV, 12% on computers, 9% on tablets. We had one write in vote for Buffalo Wild Wings, and one for RoKu. How media is consumed has been turned on its ear, or maybe its eyeball. Content providers, take note. It's a small sample and perhaps skewed by the fact that it was done on Twitter, but this is one genie that will not be put back in the bottle.
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