Make Wednesday at ICSC RECon Great Again


I'm a man on a mission, and that mission is to make Wednesday at ICSC RECon great again.* Companies spend big bucks at RECon to exhibit and send their personnel to attend. The marginal cost of making Wednesday a worthwhile day to attend is really negligible compared to the sunk costs of exhibiting. I am not here to bash ICSC. I really think that it is a terrific organization, with a great staff and dedicated member volunteers. My goal is to exhort the leadership and its members to rethink the last day of its biggest event of the year.
My companies, Perlmutter Properties and QuantumListing share a booth, S246 S Street in the South Hall, with Benbrooke Realty Investment Company and Gladstone Development Corp. I've always been able to get something out of Wednesday at RECon, but compared to the first two days, it just isn't the same. As a result, with the help of Brian Donovan of Donovan Real Estate Services, we are trying to organize a speaker series at our booth. Here are a couple of the emails I've been sending out to prospective speakers.

"I left you a message on Friday. Not sure if you will still be at RECon on Wednesday, but I'm organizing a speaker series in my booth and would love it if you had a half hour to participate on Wednesday morning. So far, we have Pam Flora, Director of Retail Research at CushWake and Chuck Dietz, the architect, and Mike McClure of Ad Art Signs. Hoping to get one or more of the Seritage redevelopers, and will hopefully hear on Monday from them, a supermarket guy, someone on sustainability, financing, etc.