by David Perlmutter

Lots of Land for Sale

When I drive or fly across the United States, I am struck by the vast tracts of land that are undeveloped.

The largest property owner in the country is the federal government. It owns approximately 28% of the land. Individuals and corporations own about 60% of the land. That leaves the balance of around 12% for tribal trust lands, as well as state and local governments.

As of this writing, we have more than 6200 active land listings across 47 of the 50 states. These listings comprise millions of acres that are worth billions of dollars.

What kind of land are commercial real estate professionals and buyers likely to find on our site? It is quite a diverse cross section. It ranges from small land parcels with multiple lots for residential development to multi-thousand acre agricultural and timberland sites. 

Everything in between is represented as well. Our members have added parcels of land suited for industrial development, multifamily apartment buildings, office buildings, hotels, restaurants, retail. They have even added cannabis approved sites.

Do Your Due Diligence

As with any real property purchase, it is incumbent upon you to perform due diligence. The amount of parcel data included by our members varies from listing to listing. However, our partner Landchecks can provide you with an incredible array of information that will help you evaluate your potential purchase. 

This includes property information on zoning changes, brownfields, cell towers, pipelines and more within a few miles of each listing. To get one of these detailed reports, you just have to click on the Landchecks button, which is on the left hand side of each listing’s detail page.

You can look up a commercial property’s zoning designation and zoning ordinances online. They may affect a site’s value. Many towns and cities have zoning laws available on their websites or on Nonetheless, you would be wise to contact the relevant zoning and building officials prior to signing a contract.

QuantumListing has another great resource available on our members’ for sale listings from our partner Stacksource. Each land for sale listing has a Stacksource button. When you click it, you are sent to their website and then fill out a form with details about the potential transaction. 

It only takes about ten minutes to complete the application form. Once you submit, Stacksource matches the acquisition details to their array of lenders, potentially giving you multiple competitive loan offers.

Land on QuantumListing by State

In order to make it as easy as possible for you to search for land for sale on QuantumListing, here is a list of states hyperlinked to land for sale searches!

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