by David Perlmutter

#LetsGetSmart - Past, Present and Future

This week marks the first time in 32 years that I am not going to ICSC RECon at the Las Vegas Convention Center. While I will miss seeing all of you in person, I am glad we can still gather virtually to connect and share ideas. 

We are looking forward to #LetsGetSocial tonight (Monday, May 18) and #LetsGetSmart on Wednesday, May 20th. 

As we look toward the uncertain future, I thought it would be beneficial to glance back at our many #LetsGetSmart thought leaders' talks. It is fun to take a walk down memory lane but hopefully we can also garner some knowledge that will serve us during this time. And, read to the end to see what we have in store for our community this year.



#Let’sGetSmart at ICSC RECon - This post has the origin story #LetsGetSmart.

Data Must Drive Customer Engagement - Craig Wood of AMP Technologies gives a presentation on how the winners in retail will be those who can act on their data the quickest.

Skate to Where the Puck is Going to Be - AMP Technologies’ John Sherry speaks about how mobile apps are transforming retail.

Smart Signs for Changing Times - AdArt Sign Company’s Mike McClure’s discusses how data and technology are changing the sign business and the role of signs in retail.

A Data-Driven Look at the Future of Retail - Cushman & Wakefield Director of Research, Pam Flora looks at the facts behind the evolving retail environment. Pam discusses how data can help provide a road map for the future of the industry.

The Evolution of Retail: Gatherers Become Hunters - Liz Holland, CEO of Abbell Associates and past Chairman of ICSC, gives insight on how shoppers’ habits are changing because of growing online sales and technology. She details how shopping center owners and retailers can stay relevant by fulfilling their customers’ expectations.

Digitalization Will Create Opportunities for Shopping Centers - Ferrara Jerum International partner, Doug Jerum illuminates us on how digitalization will provide the retail industry with new business models and opportunities. 



Creating a Walcable World - Allison McGuire is interviewed by CRE Radio’s Howard Kline about her app, Walc, which was designed to make the world more walkable.

mCart: Closing the Gap Between Online and Offline Shopping, Sales and Advertising - The NewsFunnel’s Kateri Osborne talks with Mavatar’s Susan Akbarpour about how the integration of retail and technology.

Burning Down the Haystack to Find the Needle - Fan favorite Andrew Bermudez, Digsy CEO and Founder, discusses how brokers can use technology to generate more leads with less effort.

What Modern Retailers Can Learn from 70’s Head Shops - Mike McClure gives a thoughtful presentation on how retailers need to give their customers an experience, not just goods and services.

The Future of Motion Detection - MotionLoft CEO Joyce Reitman is interviewed by Howard Kline about MotionLoft’s tracking technology, which gives cities and property owners insight into pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

Decoding the DNA of #CRE - theBrokerList’s Linda Day Harrison and Buildout’s Sonni Conway and Ewa Baska tell us about the origins and evolution of the annual DNA of CRE survey. Each year, this survey gives us insight into the current state of commercial real estate brokerage and marketing.

#LetsGetSmart Keeps Getting Smarter - This post is a recap of the 2018 speaker series.



#LetsGetSmart2019 Speaker Lineup Revealed - The 2019 #LGS line up was another strong one, and the talks were as good as ever. Unfortunately, there were technical difficulties in the recording, so they were lost to posterity. 



Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, everybody has questions, everybody has opinions and no one has answers yet. We are hosting an open mic session for you this Wednesday, May 20th at 3:00 pm EDT. Click here to join in the discussion.