15 Jan 2019

#LetsGetSmart Keeps Getting Smarter

The History of QuantumListing’s #LetsGetSmart speaker series at RECon and a summary of this year’s #LetsGetSmart18

Back in May, QuantumListing hosted the #LetsGetSmart18 speaker series at the ICSC Real Estate Convention (RECon) in Las Vegas. During the event, a range of speakers discussed how technology can bring innovation to the commercial real estate sector.  

#LetsGetSmart has its origins four years ago on the last day of RECon, when QuantumListing CEO David Perlmutter, Brian Donovan of Donovan Real Estate Services, and Mike McClure of AdArt Sign Company were sitting around talking. The last day of RECon is typically quiet, as many of the conference attendees use it as a travel day. As a result, the trio were able to have an in-depth conversation about a wide range of topics, while enjoying a bottle of wine provided by Brian. The following year, they were joined by architect Chuck Dietz of Dietz and Associates. David Liebowitz of Perlmutter Properties provided In-N-Out Burgers. After the convention was over, Brian and David discussed taking the seed of those conversations and growing it into a speaker and discussion series.

The next year, #LetsGetSmart17 was born. That year we had seven speakers and transformed the booth from a meeting space into one more conducive to the speaker series. And of course, the tradition of In-N-Out Burgers and wine continued!

#LetsGetSmart only got better in its second iteration this year, adding CRE Radio and TV’s Howard Kline’s excellent videography and interviewing skills, while the In-N-Out burgers and wine stayed just the same. 

This year at #LetsGetSmart18, we had six presentations about the intersections between tech and CRE, and how innovation is changing commercial real estate.

The talks covered a range of cutting-edge topics, from blockchain-based retail and marketing with Mavatar cofounder and CEO Susan Akbarpour, to motion capture using artificial intelligence with Motionloft CEO Joyce Reitman, to rethinking GPS apps to be more pedestrian friendly with Walc founder and CEO Allison McGuire. 

Since the event in May, QuantumListing has been posting summaries of the presentations to the blog with the accompanying videos.

You can find all those articles and videos of the talks here:

It was truly inspiring to see all of these disruptive ideas together. A wave of technological change is coming to CRE, and these speakers’ companies will be at the forefront of the revolution.

Be sure to check out the next round of speakers—and of course the complementary In-N-Out and wine—during next year’s #LetsGetSmart19 at RECon.


by Ben Perlmutter