Keep Those Suggestions Coming

Since I wrote the previous post, The Power of Suggestions just a few days ago, I've gotten two more suggestions, one of which is already implemented, and the other which I hope will get rolled out next week.
When QuantumListing started as an iOS app, it had two options of transaction type from which to select, For Lease or For Sale. In the last couple of months, we added  a third, For Lease & Sale. When a user searched, there were four options for transaction types to search, All (which is the default), For Lease, For Sale and For Lease & Sale. A recently joined Premium Member asked, if a property is designated For Sale & Lease, does it show up in both the For Lease and For Sale searches. I checked, and the answer was no.
I asked the tech team to implement it, and within 48 hours it was live on the site. The user who asked the question has well over a hundred listings, which he is in the process of adding to QuantumListing. He has been using Loopnet, and he pointed out that they only offer two choices for transaction types, For Sale or For Lease. So, when he had a property that was both for sale and lease, he had to enter it two times. And, guess what? They don't give you an unlimited number of listings for the same price. The more listings you enter, the more you pay. QuantumListing's policy is Premium Members can post an unlimited number of listings. Under Loopnet's pricing structure, with the number of listings he has, he'd have to pay thousands of dollars per year. With QuantumListing, he'll be paying $79.99 a year. Click HERE to see our Features and Pricing charts.
As for the other feature suggestion, keep checking the QuantumListing Blog for the announcement. All I'll tell you now is that it is another search enhancement. If you have a suggestion that you'd like us to consider, click HERE.
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