by David Perlmutter

It's Who You Don't Know

Do you know where your next lead is coming from? If you are a broker or owner like me, you've got a lot of deals in the pipeline but you probably have buffsroom for some more. We have to keep feeding the machine. Function in, Function out. You've got a great network, but the deal that's going to make your year, guess who that one is with? It's who you don't know. To find her, you have to be like a great improv artist, living by the rule of "Yes, and..."
You've got a website with great information about your listings or properties. It's got pretty pictures and informative PDFs that colleagues and prospects can download. There's an email link or a contact form (man, do I hate it when you can't email someone directly, almost as much as I hate TrueTwit validation!). Your phone number is there. People get to your site because they drive past a sign with your web address, or a Google search, maybe a link in your email signature or from an email blast.
Yes, and... How about Google Adwords? Are you doing that at all? It will cost you money, but all you need is one deal.
Yes, and..  Do you blog? Is that being published by The News Funnel? Is it syndicated through an RSS feed? Sure you're a broker, but you also have to be a media company. Publish or perish. No tenure here.
Yes, and... Then, there's email. You've got an email distribution list and an account with Constant Contact, MailChimp or Robly. Maybe you use an email blast service like the Big Boys Blast or PropertySend.
Yes, and....What about social media? Are you on LinkedIn? Facebook? Twitter? Instagram? Three out of four wouldn't be bad. When's the last time you published some content on any of those platforms?
Yes, and... You network like crazy. You're a member of ICSC, or NAIOP, maybe the commercial and industrial division of your local MLS. You're even a member of the Elks, the Kiwanis, the Rotary or the Water Buffalo's. You're on not-for-profit boards, and you play in a poker game. Whatever it takes to establish relationships and generate new leads.
Yes, and... You're on CoStar and LoopNet, too. You're paying some big bucks for that. How about some of the newer kids on the block like  theBrokersList, SpotCRE, CRELow, AnySizeDeals, Digsy, RealMassive. And that's not a comprehensive list, just the ones I can think of before I've had my coffee.
Yes, and...How about an internet radio show, podcast, YouTube channel, Blab? Check out CRERadio. Howard Kline will set you up. Or how about Michael Bull's Commercial Real Estate Show? You're going to be bigger than Oprah.
Yes, and... Here's the plug, so pay attention. Do you have a mobile listing platform like QuantumListing? The only reason not to have it yet is if you are an Android, Windows phone or Blackberry (god help you) user. Android will be available in a couple of weeks. You post your listings from your phone, and you can search and send from your phone too. The centerpiece of your listing is one of your PDFs, or a photo. The emphasis is on having prospective tenants and brokers contact you so there are buttons for that right at the top of the listing. The only other required info is your phone number, email address and location of the property.  It does not take a lot of your time to add a listing. Still not sure how the app is going to make your life a little better? Take Five and read this.
Pat yourself on the back for who you know, for all the people that take your call and answer your texts and emails immediately. They are your bread and butter, your meat and potatoes, your rice and beans. But it's who you don't know that is going to help you make the payments on your Tesla P85D. Ludicrous speed, here you come.
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