by David Perlmutter

It's the Clicks that Count

Mail and Email Marketing pieces from a certain public company in the commercial real estate information business, we’ll call them The Other Company, often point out that they have more traffic than all the other listing sites combined. That traffic doesn't do you as much good as they would like you to think because it is divided among hundreds of thousands or millions of listings. 

The metric a broker or owner should really care about is the number of clicks they get on their own listings. The listing service's overall traffic is irrelevant by comparison. Clicks are what ultimately yield leads, not total traffic. 


Target Users with Display Ads

QuantumListing added a Google Display Network ad feature last year. With it, agents can pick which commercial real estate listings they want to advertise and when on the Google Display Network. 

With just a few clicks, it creates display advertising on websites your potential customers are organically visiting. These image ads target an affinity audience, potential customers likely to have an interest in commercial real estate. 


A Picture Is Worth 50,000 Views

Here is a screenshot of a chart of 6 or our members that ran ads  in June with just a few clicks and the results. Several of them have reported back getting solid leads. 

A sample of results from customers' Google Display Network ads

Note also that we see that our members who try these ads often run them again and again. I have compared the views and clicks my own listings have gotten using these display ads to the results on The Other Company’s site. The Google display ads win every time.


And Now, a Closer Look

Let’s take a closer look at the views and clicks that my brokerage company, Perlmutter Properties Inc., got on one of its listings this week. I spent $25 using QuantumListing's Google Display Network feature.

Views and Clicks of Google Display Network ads

QuantumListing's ads on the Google Display Network yielded 51,020 views and 48 clicks. I am not sure whether the clickthrough agreement with The Other Company permits me to share the specific data in this forum. However, the QuantuListing ad yielded more than 45 times the views, and more importantly, more than two times the clicks. I could spend $25 every week on each of my listings, and still spend less than what the other company charges. 

These numbers are real. Other QuantumListing members that advertise on the Google Display Network get similar results. 

Once they try it and see the number of views, clicks and leads they are getting, they do it again, and again, and again. 

Yes, The Other Company still gets more traffic than any other commercial listing service, but that is not the metric that counts. It is clicks of your listing that matters, not the total number of visits to The Other Company’s websites.

If you can really control your spend, instead of paying what they demand (they don't negotiate), that makes our service even more valuable.

Could you advertise yourself on the Google Display Network? Yes, but it is time consuming for even experienced marketers to create these ads. QuantumListing's process involves a few clicks.

If you want to start generating leads in a cost effective and time efficient manner, try a few of QuantumListing’s Google Display Network ads. Then decide if you are ready to make QuantumListing's Google Display Network ads a permanent part of your marketing mix. Maybe one day soon, you'll feel like you control your marketing budget, instead of having it dictated to you by some other company.