by Julia Perlmutter

Introducting QuantumListing Office Hours

Give Yourself an Advantage

I don’t know about you but when I was in college, I loved going to office hours with professors. Not only did I like getting to know my professors better but I also enjoyed getting the inside scoop on the classes. If any of you were office-hour fanatics like me, you probably learned that attending a professor’s office hours gave you an advantage in that class. Of course, you got the leg up because you are essentially getting private tutoring from the source itself, but additionally I often learned the tricks of the class when I got to know my professors. 

The reason I bring this up is because we decided that the better people get to know QuantumListing, the better they will do in maximizing their listing exposure by taking advantage of the tools on our site.

Hands-on Demo

We saw it last week in our webinar where we had participants interacting with the QuantumListing as we went through the webinar material. This prompted the idea to bring back our weekly office hours which give people the chance to dive into the materials first hand and see new ways they can use our site to improve their commercial real estate practice. 

We have felt that consistency is key, so in addition to our weekly Wednesday webinars at 3pm ET, we are also providing weekly office hours at QuantumListing each Thursday at 3pm ET. Every week, we will focus on a different aspect of QuantumListing to show you how our features can help you improve your listing or brand exposure right now. We know hands-on learning is best, and we assure you that nothing will be difficult to grasp. Instead, we simply want to be the helping hand on your road to success with our site. 

If this time does not work for you or you prefer 1 on 1 sessions, we have demo times available throughout the week for you to meet with us and get a lesson or talk through ideas. Additionally, we have several resources for you to check out on your own time from articles and videos to blog posts. 

Even if you are looking to just pop on to our office hours without any specific questions in mind, you are welcome to join and listen. 

Let's Dive In

As mentioned above, we plan on covering a variety of topics during office hours and we do not want to limit ourselves to one topic. But for planning purposes and for you to understand what you will be getting out of each session. You can click below to register and see what we plan on focusing on for the first few sessions.

Thursday, August 13: How to Post your Commercial Real Estate Wants

Thursday, August 20: How to Post Listings and Maximize their exposure 

Thursday, August 27: How to Enhance your Profile in order to Increase your Search Engine Health

Thursday, September 3: How to Search for Listings on QuantumListing

You can click above to sign up for any and all topics that interest you. Please know thatt if you sign up and your schedule changes, we will be recording each session and you can always join the next one.