by David Perlmutter

Introducing the Quantum Listers: Profiles in Commercial Real Estate Series

Without our customers and their listings, we've got nothing! Sure, we have great tech and cool features, but it is all in the service of our customers. In addition to sharing all of their listings to our social media accounts and improving our search engine optimization to make their listings as visible as possible on the web, we've been thinking about new ways to give back to them. Our latest answer is to start a new series on our blog, Quantum Listers: Profiles in Commercial Real Estate. We have our first few subjects lined up, and we'd like to have a steady stream, which should be achievable, given the existing user base and its strong growth.

These questions are points of departure, and we invite our subjects to make them their own and add additional questions that are important to them. We'll take their input and edit them into a post, including an iFrame with your listings. We'll then share the post to our social media and syndicate it to our network.

If you'd like to be the subject of one our Profiles, fill out the form below and hit submit!