by Julia Perlmutter

Introducing QuantumListing Email Blast Packages

In the past, we’ve written about our self-service mass email feature. You can learn more in our post, It’s a Blast, Blast, Blast (yes, we’re Rolling Stones fans). We have also posted about one of our newer features which allows you to email your listings to your entire state’s network

This feature has been so popular so far that we’ve decided to take it a step further. Our network Mass Email blasts are officially available via our Marketing Center.


Great Results, Less Money

Many of you probably pay for an email marketing tool like Constant Contact or Mailchimp. We are fans of both services but if you want to save money, you can send email blasts with QuantumListing’s E-blast service. Even better, you can diversify your email list since we will send these emails to our state network lists. We can even include your proprietary email list in our blast.

The prices are extremely affordable but we always like to give people a sample of the feature before they buy it. That’s why all active QuantumListing members will get a complimentary email blast to send to their network. Is your membership expired? Not to worry, you can renew by logging in and clicking the link to upgrade or renew your membership ($89.99/year for unlimited listings) and we will get your email blast ready to go out to new prospects as soon as you add your new listing. 

Just like other email blast services, we can provide you with the open and click through rates so that you can track your progress and assess whether you’d like to do another one or even try one of the packages. 


The First One Is Free

After your first free email, the blasts are just $25 for one email, $100 for 5 emails, or $200 for 12 emails (one email each month for a year). As a reminder, the regular “It’s a Blast emails” to your own proprietary list of contacts are always unlimited and included with membership.

Once your blast sends, you will see your listing start to get the exposure and leads it deserves. In fact, we had one user get a new lead on their listing within 20 minutes of sending the blast! 

If you’d like to send more than one listing in a blast, we can also send your entire profile out as an email blast which will include all of your listings. Or if you want to focus on a few specific listings, we can create a listing report and send out the listings on your behalf. 

QuantumListing is here to connect you to the commercial real estate network in your market and the best way to do this is to take advantage of our complimentary email blast as well as the packages in the Marketing Center.

Ready to get started? Great! If you’d like to claim your free first email blast, you can go ahead and click here.


Know the Code

Once we’ve sent out your first blast you can send more emails by selecting a package of one, five, or twelve listings in the Marketing Center from your profile page. Plus, from now until December 4th you can get 20% off your email blast package with the promo code Thankful2020.