by David Perlmutter

Introducing QuantumListing Academy

We all have different styles of learning. Some of us learn best by reading and writing, some by listening or watching, and others by doing.

QuantumListing already has many ways for you to learn how get maximum utility from its robust set of features. There’s our How It Works section, the webinars you can watch live or on video replay, a YouTube playlist with instructional videos, one-on-one demos, Friday office hours, and live chat through our Intercom system.

Now, we are adding QuantumListing Academy to the list. Members of the Academy will get a series of daily emails, each with a short lesson on one of QuantumListing’s features. This is a great resource for those who learn best by trying things for themselves.

Since QuantumListing’s founder is also a real estate broker, he knows that your most valuable resource is your time. So, you should be able to get through each lesson in about five minutes, including trying and mastering whichever feature is being taught.

Whether you are a novice or already a QuantumListing power user, you’ll find many actionable items that will enhance your experience on the site. You’ll learn how to use QuantumListing to expand your commercial real estate network, how to search for listings efficiently, how to join a group of peers with similar interests and so much more.

Once you register for the QuantumListing Academy you’ll be taking another step on your journey to commercial real estate excellence, closing more deals in less time. If you sign up for the Academy during February, we'll add an extra month to your membership!

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