by QuantumListing Team

Introducing nxtCRE to QuantumListing

QuantumListing is excited to announce our newest partnership with nxtCRE, a nexus of real estate experts and fintech innovators who are set to revolutionize the CRE Transaction Market.

Everyone who lists commercial property for sale on our platform now has insider access to the most valuable CRE investors/buyers in the market.

Here is what nxtCRE will provide: 

Lender-verified Must Buy Investors (MBI), about to enter a 1031 Exchange. They are about to close and have their hands full of hot cash with a short window to choose a reinvestment property. They have no easy, organized way to find the listings that best match their needs. Thanks to our new partnership with nxtCRE, your listings can now be automatically matched to multiple MBIs currently provided by their lenders, often within hours.  

nxtCRE is not a listing site so there is no browsing. All listings and MBI profiles are confidential. Conversations are purely voluntary. You are in control. It’s obviously important that your listing includes an offering price ( or a “whisper price”) and Offering Memorandum (OM), so your listing will automatically be matched with MBIs whose needs are a match.

We urge you to update your listings with a price and OM as soon as possible. Matches are waiting. Remember, no one—including a matched MBI--- will see your pricing until you want to share it.

nxtCRE’s exclusive partnerships with CRE lenders across the nation have unlocked the door to the yearly $400billion MBI transactions, and we’re happy to welcome them as our partner. In times of uncertainty and reduced buying activity, MBI will get your deals done.

If you have questions, please click on the FAQ.

There’s no up front cost or obligation, but there is an incredible opportunity to connect with hot money MBIs who are waiting to be matched with you. Want to learn more? Join our webinar!

Click below to register for nxtCRE and get matched with Must Buy Investors!