by QuantumListing Team

iFrame. They Frame. Do You Frame?

Let’s Frame

Our iFrame feature allows real estate professionals to create a snippet of code from your QuantumListing profile and put it directly onto a page on your website. This creates a live link of your QuantumListing profile on your company’s site or blog so you no longer have to update your listings in multiple places. 


You Look Terrific

You’ve spent a lot of time, effort and money designing and building your website. Wouldn't it be nice if your team could add and delete new listings on your site without having to involve designers and coders? With iFrame, your listings are shared to your website by QuantumListing, and it is within the framework and branding you’ve already developed.


Why Pay More?

Many people pay for a more expensive service like Loopnet’s Looplink, but our iFrame is included with your QuantumListing premium membership (just $89.99 per year for unlimited listings). We have boundless respect for LoopNet, but why pay more?

There are several ways that you can take advantage of the iFrame feature. The first and most common way is to click on the sharing icon from your profile page then click the iFrame icon, which is indicated by two angle brackets (< >) facing each other. Then, click Copy to capture the code and paste it onto your website’s property page. 

Here's an example of a profile iFrame on a website:

Example of a Profile iFrame on a website


One at a Time

You can also pick a specific listing and create an iFrame for that too. This is helpful if you are advertising each property on individual pages of your site or if you were just looking to highlight one property, perhaps in a blog post. 


iFrames + Listing Reports = Marketing Tool

A second great way to use iFrames is to create a listing report (which is another one of our unsung features). Once you create a listing report, you can then make an iFrame of those properties you selected, which is really convenient if you are trying to advertise a specific group of listings. 

We have done this many times on the QuantumListing site when we’ve hosted virtual Haves and Wants sessions and then posted featured listings mentioned on the webinar’s replay page using iFrame. You can even do this with a list of Wants if you would like, since our listing site is a two-sided marketplace and includes commercial real estate Wants as well as listings. 


Are You the Next Quantum Lister?

Another example of how we use iFrame on our site is through our Quantum Lister profile series, which is a regular post on our blog. Each installment in this blog series highlights one of our members through a series of questions about their commercial real estate practice and the technologies that they prefer. 

We then wrap up the Quantum Lister post by putting a live link of the featured member’s profile on our blog using iFrame. The Monday that we post your Quantum Lister profile, we send out the blog post and iFrame to our entire email base, giving that member incredible exposure.


It Saves You Money and Makes You Money

We encourage you to try using our iFrame on your site. It is included with your $89.99 Premium membership. Better yet, it makes it easier for real estate teams to enhance productivity by sharing their listings to their website, without having to deal with a lot of data entry or coding. 

iFrames helps real estate professionals generate the quality leads needed to succeed. If you want help implementing it, let us know. 


But Wait, There’s More! Really.

Now through the end of 2020, if you use our iFrame feature on your website, we’ll give you 3 months of brand promotion on QuantumListing. Whenever real estate investors, tenants, brokers, and other professionals search your city on our website, your marketing message will be the first thing they see. Supplies are limited per market, so don’t wait.


Next Steps

  1. Your first step should be putting an iFrame with your listings on your website.  If you need help getting the iFrame code from our site, contact [email protected].
  2. Your website designer should be able to easily implement your QuantumListing profile and/or create pages for individual listings on your website powered by iFrames from the listings on our website.
  3. If you don’t have a website, you never plan on having one, AND you’ve bought a domain that you use for your email address (there’s a lot of you out there!!!), you can have it point to your profile on QuantumListing, so that people get a full view of your listings, your bio, and your business social media links. Please get in touch with us if you need help.