by Ben Perlmutter


Like every month, we’ve spent September continuing to improve QuantumListing to make your user experience even better.

We’ve implemented one new feature in the past month, a newly organized Groups feature on the profile page. You can read more about groups here, or go to your profile page to check the new Groups feature out.

We’ve also continued posting quality content to the blog, including a continuation of the Quantum Lister series, in which we hold interviews with some of QuantumListing’s users to see what they have to say about their experiences, the real estate market, and CRE tech. You can read our interviews from September with Rick Recckio and Jamie Schwartz by clicking the link on their names here. 

Also on the blog, we’ve had a variety of posts in September that take a look at some of QuantumListing’s powerful features. If you want to learn about how to post your content from QuantumListing to your website, and why you should do this, check out this article about our iFrame code. And, if you want to look at some other ways to share your listings with the world, check out this article about  9 Ways to Get Your Listing Maximum Exposure. We also recently posted a summary of some of the advantages of QuantumListing Networks

In addition to the content that we create, we also had a guest post from Tim Milazzo, the co-founder and CEO of StackSource, a real estate loan platform. You can read his illuminating analysis of how lenders underwrite NNN loans here. Thank you for the article, Tim!

Is there anything that you want to see on the QuantumListing blog in October? Let us know in the comments or shoot us an email at [email protected].