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ICYMI - QuantumListing's January through June 2021 Blog Posts

How to Get More Clicks on Your Listings

Find out how to make your listings attractive to search engines so you can get more views, clicks, and leads. Read more


The Ultimate Guide to Our New Features From 2020

Read about the new features, events and ideas we shared with our community in 2020. Read more


How to Search Commercial Real Estate on QuantumListing

Learn how to search for listings on even if you don’t have an account. Read more


Top 10 Reasons You Should Take the DNA of #CRE Survey

Now that the holidays are over, it is the DNA of #CRE season. Learn why you should participate this year and every year. Read more


Power Up Your Commercial Real Estate Search

Searching commercial property as a QuantumListing member, rather than as a visitor, adds powerful features. Read more


Quantum Lister Profile: Roxy Klein of Progressive Real Estate Partners

Progressive Real Estate Partners Retail Sales and Leasing Specialist, Roxanne “Roxy” Klein is the subject of our newest Quantum Lister Profile. Read more


Why Commercial Real Estate Needs QuantumListing

Commercial real estate has CoStar and LoopNet. Why does it need QuantumListing? Read more


Lots of Land for Sale

QuantumListing has over 20 different asset types to choose from when posting a commercial property. One of our most popular asset types is Land. Read more


Use Social Media to Drive Traffic to Your Listings

Are you concerned that your listings are not getting enough traffic? Social media is a powerful tool to increase your listings’ visibility. Read more



8 Reasons to Schedule a Demo with QuantumListing

Once you’ve signed up for QuantumListing, what is the best way to learn how to use it? Read more


The Quantum Lister Index

We love putting the spotlight on our members. Who knows, you could be the next Quantum Lister! Read more


What Can You Do If You Are a Visitor to QuantumListing?

Get to know the benefits enjoyed by QuantumListing website visitors. Read more


What Can QuantumListing Basic Members Do

If you read last week’s blog post, you now know what a visitor to can do. Membership has its benefits, though, even when you still don’t have to pay. Learn about Basic Membership. Read more

What Our Members Say About QuantumListing

This week, we want you to hear from our members. Read their testimonials so that you can see firsthand what others are saying about QuantumListing. Read more


Quantum Lister Profile: Scott Stinson of Central Realty

Scott Stinson is a founding member of Central Realty, and is the focus of this installment of the Quantum Lister series. Scott has decades of experience managing and leasing commercial real estate. We've been lucky enough to meet him at ICSC RECon and are delighted to shine the spotlight on a consummate commercial real estate professional. Read more


10 Things That Cost More Than a Year of QuantumListing

Search engines don't care how much you pay for your commercial real estate listing service, but you probably do. Read more



NEW FEATURE ALERT: Network Brand Promotion

In today’s world of information overload, how can you and your company stay top of mind? Read more

How to Get Started with QuantumListing


How to Get Started with QuantumListing

Perhaps you have been reading our emails or browsing our website for some time now, but you are wondering, how do I get started with QuantumListing? Read below to learn how to join our site. Read more


6 Ways to Stay in the CRE Know

How do you keep up to date with what is happening in the commercial real estate industry? Read more



Get Your Wants Known and Your Listings Shown

QuantumListing helps with both sides of the transaction. Read more

What’s Next? RealNex.


Syndication partnerships are an important part of our growth strategy. Learn more about our new syndication partnership with RealNex. Read more

A Deep Dive into QuantumListing’s Analytics, Part 1

Have you looked at your analytics on QuantumListing? Read on to find out how to access your analytics and what you can learn from them. Read more


10 Facts about Our Listings on QuantumListing

Are you looking for a full featured, reasonably priced commercial real estate listing service and want to know more about QuantumListing? Then, read on! Read more


A Closeup Look at QuantumListing's Sidebar Menu

Not only does the sidebar menu on your QuantumListing profile page provides the tools you need to get your commercial real estate haves and wants up on our site, it also does a lot more. Read on to find out exactly what you can do. Read more


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