ICYMI: November 1, 2016


ICYMI: November 1, 2016
Autumn TreesIs there anyone in the country, other than a couple of dozen pundits and cable TV news panelists, that can't wait for this election to be over? I can't help but feel bad vibes emanating from the television, the internet, and the newspaper when I see each new horrible plot twist.
I recently visited the Adams Historical Park in Quincy, MA with my son as a part of our Presidential Odyssey, a long term project to visit all of the Presidential national historic sites. We had previously visited George Washington's Mount Vernon home. Doing a little research before each visit has made it clear that throughout American history our Presidents have all been very human, with all the peccadilloes that the rest of us have, and they've all been products of their times. History and memory tends to whitewash much of this, but the information is all there if you want to find it. The fact that our major party candidates are a reflection of our society today is something that should give us all pause.
Now that that's off my chest, let's talk about the improvements we've been making to QuantumListing.com in the last month! One change we've made, which you can read about in our blog is the new email feature, which allows registered users to email individual listings, company profiles and member profiles. You can send them to multiple users and add a message as well.
The other new feature is a widget that allows you to share listings to your blog or website. You can share your own or others' listings, and you can customize the colors and look. Click HERE to see the results of a share. This sharing widget is part of your Premium Membership, and there is no additional charge above our regular fee.
By the way, our original launch was in August of 2015. At the time, we gave many of you a one year trial Premium Membership. As that year expires, you'll need to renew your Premium Membership in order to post listings and use some of the other features. For individual users, you have a one month, three month, and one year option to choose from. Those cost $9.99, $24.99, and $79.99 respectively. Even if you choose not to renew right away, you'll still be able to search all of our listings without a paywall and to use many of QuantumListing's features. As of October 1st, all new registered users have been getting a three month trial Premium Membership.
What's Next

    • Within the next few days, we're rolling out a new gallery feature that will allow Premium Members to post multiple images or PDFs with their listings

    • More and more companies are using video to promote their properties, and so we're adding a feature that will allow you to link to your video on YouTube.

    • We just started using Salesforce.com and Pardot, its marketing automation system. We're still working on integrating it into the way work, and as we learn our way around it, it will likely change the way that we communicate with both you and prospective users.

    • There's the usual host of subtle changes and bug fixes that either come to our attention from users like you or that are required to fix the unintended consequences of other changes.

    • We continue to try to post all new listings to social media. We've started posting to Instagram in addition to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, but not quite as regularly to Instagram, as it is less automation friendly.

Thanks for reading. I really enjoy hearing from users, and don't mind hearing criticism. Feel free to contact David Perlmutter at [email protected] or call 914-470-5719 with any questions, comments or suggestions.
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