by Julia Perlmutter

ICYMI - May 2020

Although May 2020 is a month many would like to forget, we thank you for inspiring us to get to new heights every day.

As we enter a new month, we have lots on the horizon at QuantumListing. But first, we thought it would be beneficial to take a look back at what you may have missed recently. Here are 6 things you may have missed: 

1. A New Look 

We changed the main photo on the homepage to lighten and freshen it up. Click here to see it for yourself. From this page, you can also start to search our listings or fill out a request form to get in touch with a professional. You can also watch a seven minute video “QuantumListing In A Nutshell,” which is an excerpt from a past webinar. 



2. Virtual Lunch

We love hearing from you all during our webinars and live demos so much that we decided to create another forum to communicate and collaborate on. Visit to schedule time to connect with us. If we are in different time zones, virtual brunch works too! While this was inspired by the isolation many are experiencing during the pandemic, Virtual Lunch is here to stay and we look forward to seeing you on one! In fact, our Founder David was even interviewed for a piece on virtual lunches so stay tuned for that! 


 Thank you Melissa Swader, for capturing this photo.

3. It’s A Blast

 We’ve improved upon our “It’s A Blast” email functionality so that you can now send your listings to any and all of your proprietary contacts by uploading a CSV, XLS, or XLSX file (yes, there are three different kinds)! 


4. QuantumLister Series 

We work hard to update our blog weekly and provide you with new and varied information each post. One of our favorite types of blog posts is our QuantumLister series where we focus on a member of the QuantumListing community. Click HERE to check out our most recent QuantumLister blog posts.  


5. Lets Get Smart with Weekly Webinars 

As always, we have had fun on our weekly webinars with a variety of interesting guests and topics. Two particular webinars as of late stand out to us because we had the opportunity to bring on more than one guest speaker! First, we had our amazing QuantumListing partners all on one webinar to explain what their companies are up to.  

Then, we hosted a virtual #LetsGetSmart with a fantastic lineup of speakers to talk about the future of retail and the shopping center industry. Typically, #LetsGetSmart is an in-person speaker series during ICSC RECon. We missed everyone this year but were so excited by the amount of people that participated and the incredible ideas shared. You can click here to check out the recording from the event. 


6. What Would You Do Tomorrow? 

We have always been fans of surveys and polls here at QuantumListing. In conjunction with #LetsGetSmart, we posted a survey with the question, “Which of the following are you willing to do tomorrow (if it were open)?  

You can still take the survey and see the updated results upon completion by clicking HERE.  

If you want to benchmark it, check out the What Would You Do Tomorrow? blog post from the previous week that shows the results as of May 25th, shortly after most states began easing restrictions.  

 We hope you all find value in the information above and that we hear from you soon on a QuantumListing webinar, demo, virtual lunch, or even a blog comment. Please reach out if you have questions or want to provide feedback, especially about any of the features or resources mentioned above!