ICYMI: December 1, 2016

ICYMI: December 1, 2016

Depending on who you were supporting in the election, November was a slow motion train wreck of a nightmare or a possibly a dream come true. I'm in the former camp, and hope that the next four years go by as quickly as November seemed to, and without the worst specters of the campaign trail taking corporeal form. But enough politics...

We're continuing to make improvements and add features. We added a gallery feature so you can add multiple photos to your listings. We also added the ability for you to add a link to a YouTube video of your listing. We're about to roll out the new report feature on QuantumListing.com. You'll be able to select listings and email them or download a PDF. If you have any requests for specific reports or features, please let me know.
I've also been learning how to use Salesforce.com and Pardot (marketing automation), and that's been interesting and more time consuming than I anticipated. If any of you use these incredibly powerful tools and have some tips to share, I would love to hear from you.

Next week, on December 5th and 6th, I'll be at the International Council of Shopping Center's New York National Dealmaking, sharing Booth 368. If you are there, please stop by and say hello, and pick up your QuantumListing screen wipe while supplies last!

I hope you have a great month and enjoy the holidays. Personally, I can't wait to say goodbye to 2016.

New Twitter Poll: How Do You Think the 2017 Commercial Real Estate Market Will Compare to 2016? - This poll is going on now, so if you have a Twitter account, please vote, and retweet!
Twitter Poll: Where Do You Plan on Doing Most of Your Holiday Shopping? - We ran the same poll last year, and the results were quite different. I'm looking forward to the end of the month to see if the 271 people that voted got it right.
New Features: Photo Gallery and YouTube Link - Speaks for itself! Hooray for new features!
QuantumListing Hot Spot: Philadelphia PA - In which we feature your listings in the City of Brotherly Love
ICYMI: November 1, 2016 - In case you missed our In Case You Missed It from a month ago ;-)
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What's Next


  • The report feature mentioned above will be added very soon. We'll send you an update when it is available.

  • We're continuing to use Salesforce.com and Pardot to learn how to better communicate with you and prospective users.

  • There's the usual host of subtle changes and bug fixes that either come to our attention from users like you or that are required to fix the unintended consequences of other changes.

  • We continue to try to post all new listings to social media. We've started posting to Instagram in addition to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, but not quite as regularly to Instagram, as it is less automation friendly.
Thanks for reading. I really enjoy hearing from users, and don't mind hearing criticism. Feel free to contact David Perlmutter at [email protected] or call 914-470-5719 with any questions, comments or suggestions.