How Will the 2018 Commercial Real Estate Market Compare to 2017?

If you've followed our blog, you know that we are big fans of conducting polls on Twitter. We're going to repeat the poll we did last year this week (although updating the years), "How do you think the 2018 commercial real estate market will compare to the 2017?" Last year and this, the timing of the poll coincides with ICSC's New York National Deal Making event at the Javits Convention Center in Manhattan. We conducted the poll as a hybrid online/live poll. The online portion was conducted on Twitter, and the live portion at our booth, where we had a "voting machine" at our booth, and respondents dropped their business cards in to the box that corresponded with their vote. Think of it as a bricks and clicks survey! The final results of last year's survey are below:


There was an interesting divergence between the Twitter and ICSC votes. It could be that there was a sentiment in shopping center industry specific voters that was more optimistic than the commercial real estate industry at large. Or, possibly it was that you were more optimistic about commercial real estate if you were taking the time and expense to be at a shopping center convention show, or there was a self-consciousness among live voters about seeming negative about their industry. 

If you've been reading the business pages of any newspaper, you know that there have been thousands of store closings this year, and Amazon and other internet retailers have been increasing their share of consumers' retail purchases. At the same time, though, shopping centers have started the process of reinventing themselves, with new types of retailers offering fresh experiences coming to market. The speakers at our #LetsGetSmart series at ICSC's RECon in May did a deep dive into this topic and you can watch the video's HERE or read through the summaries HERE.

If you'd like to vote in our Twitter poll, click below or go to our Twitter feed. The poll will be pinned to the top while it is running. If you'll be at the New York National Deal Making, stop by Booth 3263 and cast your vote there.