by Julia Perlmutter

How to Search Commercial Real Estate on QuantumListing

Learn how to search for listings on even if you don’t have an account.

Have you ever started a search on a listing site only to find out that the results are only visible to registered or paying members? Some commercial real estate listing websites require you to register or pay for membership in order to receive an agent’s email address or even simply to get in touch with them. At QuantumListing, we understand how it feels to search for commercial real estate space and, quite literally, reach roadblocks. We understand these pain points; that’s why QuantumListing’s website visitors can search our site completely for free with no paywall or registration required. 

User experience is a high priority at QuantumListing. Our goal is to make it easy for you to get in touch with commercial real estate professionals within the QuantumListing network. To get started, simply go to the QuantumListing home page and fill in the first box that says “Enter Location”  below “Search all our Users’ Listings for Free.”

Start your search here


Tips for Search Success

After you enter the location and click the red search button, there are a variety of ways to proceed. We wanted to share some tips and best practices with you as a guide to your commercial real estate searching success: 

Tip 1: Once you’ve entered your search location and see the initial results, we recommend that you narrow or expand the search by clicking the green SEARCH FILTER button. Expand the location’s radius in order to view a larger selection of listings. This is especially helpful when you search a small town and want to explore the surrounding area. 

For example, when you search Ridgefield, Connecticut (which happens to be the location of QuantumListing’s new headquarters), there are 13 listings. When you expand the radius to 20 miles, there are now almost ten times the amount of listings (126) all within a reasonable driving distance. 

Tip 2: While you can certainly start your search with a particular city in mind, you can also cast a wider net. For example, QuantumListing visitors and members often search one of our 50 U.S. states by simply typing the state name into the search bar and clicking on the first search criteria that populates.

Enter your search location

Once you do this, you can narrow down your search by selecting an asset type like Office or Retail. You can also select whether you are looking to rent space or buy. This is also a good place to specify any requirements such as price or square feet.  

When searching at the state level is too wide of a range, you can type a county name and proceed with the same steps as described above! To use our example of Ridgefield again, typing in Fairfield County will bring all the listings within that area. 

Tip 3. Another helpful resource is our state search page, which you can check out by clicking here. From here, you can see all 50 states, which is a great launching point for a search. If you are wondering why many listings and brands are highlighted in green boxes at the top of the search pages, you can find out more by reading about our On Demand Marketing Center. 

Tip 4: A fourth resource for you to start your QuantumListing search is to look at the second box on the homepage underneath where it says “Create a search request and/or get help from a professional.” From here, all you need to do is select the Asset and Trade Type (for example, Office for Lease) from the drop down menus and then you can fill out the form to stay up to date on your search requests!

Refine your search with asset and trade type


Once You Click on a Listing, What Do You Do Next?

Once you click on a listing card and go to its detail page, there are several ways to get in touch with the agent. When you first arrive on the listing detail page, a pop-up will appear after 10-15 seconds asking if you would like additional information from the broker. Simply type in your contact information so that the QuantumListing member can contact you directly. They will receive notice that you are interested in their property and our team will also be in touch with them to follow up.

You can also click the blue “Contact the Agent,” button which produces the same pop-up window as described above. From this lead form, you can also subscribe to our email list in order to stay up to date on our weekly email blasts, which include our listings. 


Call or Email the Listing Agent with a Click

Please note that you can call or email the agent directly. In fact, when you click on their email address, a pre-populated email template and message will appear from your computer or phone’s primary email platform.

Lastly, we are firm believers in the power of the network effect which is why we have enabled QuantumListing to sync with social media. When you click the red share button below a listing, you can easily share the listing to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Did you know LinkedIn is the Largest Commercial Real Estate Network In The United States?

All of the tips described above show how easy it is for you to get in touch with our network of commercial real estate professionals without even registering for a QuantumListing account.

We look forward to sharing more tools with you in the next post, where we will focus on how to take your commercial real estate search to the next level. Please keep in mind that when you are already logged in to QuantumListing, you can search for listings anytime from the search bar at the top of every page. 


Sneak Preview

You can view all of our members’ active listings without registering for an account. However, the next set of tips will focus on the advantages and features our Basic Members (free registration) and Premium Members get in order to take their commercial real estate search to the next level. To see a preview of this information, hover over the tool list on the right hand side of the listing page to see some of the different mechanisms to help you along the way to finding your next space. 

Our next post will show the extra features you unlock when you become a member.