by Julia Perlmutter

How to Get More Exposure on QuantumListing for Buildout Users

Promote Your Listings

For as little as $2.50 per week or $7.50 per month, you can choose which of your listings you want to show at the top of the searches in your market.  According to Moz, between 71% and 92% of people click on the first page of search results. At QuantumListing, we don’t just want people to see your listings. We want them to stand out. Click here to get your listings to the top!


Promote Your Brand

Likewise, you can also promote your company or personal brand to the top of searches in your market. For $50 a month, you’ll be able to place a native ad at the top of listing searches in your market that will link back to your QuantumListing profile page.

This is especially helpful to those of you who are tenant reps and will work very nicely in conjunction with our lead capture service!  Click here to learn more. 


Advertise on Google

You can also use our site to advertise your listings through our Google Adwords network with a starting budget of $25 per listing. For each $25 you spend, more than 20,000 people in your market will see that image served with your ad on the websites they are already browsing.

By some estimates, Google Display Network ads show on more than 90% of websites that have ads, so it is a very effective way to get your listing in front of your potential customers. With the Google Display Network ads, your listing finds the customer instead of your customer finding the listing. Click here to get started and read a customer testimonial.


Enhance Your Profile

Search engines prioritize content, especially the kind that identifies you as an expert in the field. The first step you should take is to develop your QuantumListing profile as much as possible. It does not take long, but it is important. Next time you log in to your QuantumLIsting account, use this checklist to make sure you’ve completed each item.


Send an Email Blast

You can use QuantumListing’s email blast tool to send an email to your proprietary email distribution list. You don’t need an email blast service or your own template in order to do it. Read this article to see that it only takes a few clicks. Additionally, we are sending out email blasts to our State group lists in order to get your listings on more eyes. Click here to read more about that. 


Make Sure Your Listing Images Syndicate

Login and confirm that the listing’s images have come through from Buildout. If they have not, go back to Buildout and check the boxes next to the pictures to syndicate them. The more pictures your listing has, the better it looks (as long as they are high quality). Good pictures will help you capture your customer’s interest and sell or lease your listing. Click here for instructions on how to properly syndicate your images.


Share Your Profile to Social Media

QuantumListing has made sharing your QuantumListing profile to LinkedIn and other social media sites really easy. It takes less than a minute to share your QuantumListing profile with all of your commercial property listings. You can also choose to highlight specific  individual listings. This way you can expose your listings to millions of social media users and target the right buyers using hashtags. 


Post in Your State’s Group Chat

With QuantumListing’s Chat feature, you can communicate and network with other users in an instant message style fashion. If you don’t have a message yet, start a conversation with someone in your group.

In addition to peer to peer messaging, you can send a message to everyone in your group. With this tool, you can let people know what you have for sale or lease by posting in your state Wants group. Once you send the message, other users in your state will get a notification about this chat message on their profile page and via email.


Post Your Wants

QuantumListing’s newest feature allows you to post what you are looking for on our site. We know that listing services should be a two-sided marketplace and acknowledge that this is our responsibility. As a result, we added this feature in order to help all users post their commercial real estate needs and wants. Click here to read our recent article highlighting this feature.


Schedule a Demo 

As soon as your calendar allows, schedule a demo with us by clicking the green button at the top of each page on our site. Demos will help you learn about our features and get the most out of your membership. We will also show you how to get more exposure for your listings on our site as described above. 

Our demos range in time from 15-minute profile tune ups to 60-minute full demos. Pick the time that works best for you! We can’t wait to help you make the most of your QuantumListing experience.


Bonus Tip for Marketing Directors

Contact us about setting up a Network account so you can see all of your agents’ listings with a single log in. This is a great way to see which listings’ images are not syndicating. If the pictures are not showing on QuantumListing, they aren’t syndicating to any of the other sites you are sharing your listings to. Listings with pictures are more likely to get clicks and leads.