by Julia Perlmutter

How to Find Offices for Lease on

If you are looking to find office space for lease, we will walk you through the steps of finding offices on QuantumListing.

While some listing sites focus specifically on one asset class such as office or industrial, QuantumListing is a full commercial real estate listing site with almost every asset class imaginable.

From retail to multifamily, industrial to office, land to medical and many more, you can see the extensive list of asset types when you add or search for listings on our site.

In this week’s blog post, we would like to focus on one specific asset type on our site in order to showcase the extensive list of office for lease listings on

In total, QuantumListing has over 6,000 offices for lease listings across the nation and even beyond the United States in other countries such as Canada. In order to see the full list of offices for lease, we recommend that you use the Filtered search tool in order to narrow down the search to look specifically at listings in your area. In order to look at offices for lease in a specific location of interest, enter a city into the search box and then select Office as the Asset Type and Lease as the Trade Type.


Time to Take Action!

When you are searching for offices to lease, there are a number of actions that you can take once you find a listing of interest. Take this office for lease in Chappaqua, New York as an example. 


The first course of action that we recommend you take when landing on a prospective listing is to leave your contact information for the listing agent so that they know you are interested in the property and can reach out to you. Do this by submitting your contact information on the pop-up window that appears after about 15 seconds when you click on the listing or by clicking on one of the blue Contact the Agent buttons located above and below the listing image. If you are signed into your QuantumListing account, your contact information will be automatically populated.

Below the listing image on the right hand side, you can also see a list of different tools and actions that allow you to further interact with the listing and share or save for later. 

Please note that most of these buttons do require you to have at least a free Basic membership. To sign up for a membership, click here.

The first tool on this sidebar is the Favorite tool indicated by a ribbon icon. (For future reference, with all tools on our site, if you are curious about what the functionality is for a particular button, hover over the icon and a tooltip will appear describing the purpose). When you favorite a listing, the ribbon button will turn green and you can then access it from your Profile Page under Saved Listings.

Next, we recommend you check out the Note tool indicated by a pen icon. QuantumListing Notes, which can also be accessed from your Profile Page, are completely private and can be written about any listing on our site, including even your own listings if you have them. You need to be at least a Basic member to take advantage of this feature.

When you are searching for office space for lease, you can also create a listing report of the various options that you find, which you could then send to a client you are representing. In order to add a listing to a report, click the plus button under the pen icon. Once you create a listing report, you can send it out via email, save it as a PDF, or even create an iFrame snippet of code for a website or blog.

We highly recommend that you download the Agent Flyer by clicking the last button on the list of tools mentioned above. This will provide you with all of the relevant information that you need about the listing in a PDF form, which you can then print out or have emailed to you directly from our website. 

See below for a current active office for lease listing in Chappaqua, New York at 1 South Greeley, in which you can see the various buttons described above on the right hand side of the listing below the featured image.

If You Like Something, Why Not Share?

Another important aspect of a listing page to know about is how to share listings from QuantumListing. Above the list of aforementioned tools, you will notice a red sharing icon. When you see a listing that you are interested in, send it out via email to one or multiple contacts or even upload a list (CSV, XLS, XLSX) of proprietary contacts to send a mass email directly from our site. That’s right, we have our own listing email template built into the site all ready for you! You can also use the red sharing button to share the listing on social media outlets such as Linkedin, Facebook, or Twitter in a matter of seconds.

Let’s say that you have searched for offices for lease in Chappaqua, New York and have found the office at 1 South Greeley. You’ve taken the courses of action described above such as leaving your contact information for the listing agent, favoriting the listing, writing a note, and sharing the listing. 

Filter That Search

While you are very interested in this property, you want more options and you may even want to create a listing report of other offices for lease available in the area. Just click the back arrow to bring you back to your search results. (To review, we set the Asset Type as Office and the Trade Type as Lease within Chappaqua, New York). 

When you go back to your search results, you may decide that you want to see a broader range of properties. To expand your search, click on the Radius button and perhaps you would like to see all properties within a 20 mile radius of Chappaqua. Now, your search results have almost tripled in size and you can look at a larger list of properties in your area, even if they are not in the exact town that you initially picked.

If you would like to stay on the search page and favorite a series of listings, you can see the same ribbon button mentioned previously is located at the top right corner of each listing card. One tactic would be to favorite any listing of interest and then go into your Saved Listings later from your Profile Page and unfavorite any listings you no longer want to save. You will know that you have successfully unfavorited a listing because the ribbon will no longer be green!

You can create a listing report from the search page as well if you do not have the time to click on the detail page of each listing of interest. In order to do this, click on the 3 dots at the top right corner of each listing card and then add the listing to the report. When you are done, you can view all of the listings in your report by clicking the red ribbon in the middle of your profile page or any listing page. From here, we recommend emailing or downloading the report to save it for your records so you can revisit the listings later!