by QuantumListing Team

How to Build a Strong Personal Brand with QuantumListing

In today’s world, with so much of our business being conducted online, the old networking paradigms are not as effective as they used to be. Business lunches, conferences, golf outings, and networking events are largely on hold for now. We need to invest time and effort into creating a strong personal brand and making sure it is developed and distributed online.

We’ve compiled a list of six easy things you can do to build a strong personal brand to promote your business with QuantumListing. Luckily, none of them are difficult nor particularly time consuming. However, the key to success is consistency. You can not reasonably expect that doing these things only once is enough to yield results. 

Share your profile to social media - QuantumListing makes sharing to social networks really easy. You don’t need to be a social media marketing wizard to do it. In less than a minute, you can share your QuantumListing profile (including all of your commercial property listings) to LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Doing this allows you to expose your listings to millions of social media users and target the right buyers using hashtags.

Share your profile via email - Not only can you share your entire profile and listings via social media, you can email your profile and share your listings to your entire email distribution list with just the click of a few buttons. 

Follow other users - Just like on Linkedin and other social media platforms, you can also follow QuantumListing members on our site. This creates a stream of listings based specifically on who you follow. When you follow another user, they will get an email and on-site notification, prompting them to then follow you back. This allows you to customize the listings that you see based on who you follow and narrow in on users whose listings are most likely to be of interes. Click here to learn how to follow other users. 

Add a link to your profile to your digital signature - A really simple way to consistently get your brand out to your prospects is to add a link to your QuantumListing profile to the signature at the bottom of your email. Then, everytime you send an email out, anybody can click on the link that brings them directly to your profile with all your listings, bio, contact information, social media, and more. 

Become a QuantumLister - One of our fan-favorites is the Quantum Lister blog series in which we feature one of our members in the spotlight. The member answers a series of questions about the industry and their favorite tech tools. Then, we include their listings in an iFrame on the blog post and broadcast their listings out to our email base. 

QuantumListing Brand Promotion - Last but certainly not least, you can also promote your company or personal brand to the top of searches in your market. For $50 a month, you can place a native ad at the top of listing searches in your market that will link back to your QuantumListing profile page.This is especially helpful to those of you who are tenant reps and works very nicely in conjunction with our lead capture service!  Click here to learn more about Brand Promotion.

Find the features on the list above that suit you and use them to build a personal brand. Add reminders to your calendar to repeat them, and after a few months evaluate the results. Do more of the things that work, add new activities to supplement them, and eliminate those that don’t yield results. 

Investing your time in developing your personal brand now will serve you well when we enter the post-pandemic era. These are good practices for the world we live in now, and for the virtual/in person hybrid world that will follow.