by Julia Perlmutter

How Does QuantumListing Work?

If you are thinking about joining QuantumListing or you already are a member but you have questions, we would like to point you to a handy resource known as our How It Works section. 


There are a multitude of resources on that you can take advantage of in order to use our site to improve your commercial real estate practice. First and foremost, we always recommend that you schedule a demo and get to know our team so that we can provide you the best experience possible. While resources such as QuantumListing demos and Intercom are helpful, rest assured that you can always get help by checking out the vast amount of articles in our How It Works section.

QuantumListing's How It Works section is located at the top of every page between the Pricing button and Blog button. See the list below to check out the various categories of help articles that we have:

One Click Searches

Your Profile Page


Networks and Groups

Social Features

QuantumListing Enterprise

QuantumListing Academy

Registration and Payment

Webinars and Videos

Haves and Wants 2.0





You can click on any of the links above to get started learning more about our commercial real estate listing site.

When you click on an article, you will see a step by step description that will walk you through how to use that particular function of our site. See below for a snippet of a How It Works article. This particular article highlights how to use our Brand Promotion feature where you can advertise your company or personal brand on our listing page within a specified market of choice.


Here are five more useful tips to keep in mind when checking out our How It Works section:

  1. When you scroll to the bottom of a How It Works article, you will see suggested articles to visit that will be related to your topic of interest. 

  2. Another useful aspect of our How It Works page is the Webinar section where you can see all of our past webinars and watch the video replays.

  3. If you don’t know what category to click on, you can always utilize the search bar and type in any topic of interest to see what type of articles pop up. 

  4. QuantumListing Academy is also a great place to start learning about QuantumListing because it features a daily lesson plan that goes into detail on all of the most important tips and tricks to learn when you join our site in order to maximize your experience and get your listings and profile the most views possible. 

  5. If you prefer to ask a particular question that you cannot find the results for or would prefer to talk to a team member, you can take a look at the bottom right corner of the How It Works page where it says “Ask A Question” and a member of our team will get back to you promptly!