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02 Dec 2019
Holiday Sale and New 2020 Pricing

Holiday Sale and New 2020 Pricing

Congratulations, you’ve made it through Thanksgiving day. Maybe you’ve even completed your online holiday shopping, and are waiting for the Nintendo Switch, Echo Dot and Samsung Galaxy to arrive.

Holiday deal from QuantumListingWe know your inbox is probably flooded with Black Friday sales and Cyber Monday deals. Not to mention, you’re trying to get ready for the holidays. That’s why at QuantumListing, we are giving you a deal that is simple, easy, and quick.

When you renew your membership between now and New Years, and we will give you a roughly equivalent  dollar amount of goodies. That means if you renew for a year, you get $79.99 worth of extras, whether that’s lead capture, listing promotion, or brand promotion. Maybe you just want to double your membership, if so, that works too. 

Aside from the approaching holiday season and our team feeling generous, we also want to present this opportunity to you before our prices go up in 2020. Don’t fret, they aren’t going up by much. 


There’s a First Time for Everything

Since QuantumListing was founded in 2015, we have not changed our pricing model which is $79.99 per year per agent for unlimited listings. That’s why come 2020, we will be raising our prices a whopping $10 per year to $89.99 per year. And yes, you will still get unlimited listings. 

Additionally, we are eliminating the one month and three month memberships.  The majority of our customers prefer the one year option, and we wanted to simplify our payment page. Plus, if you renew your membership for a month, it can be frustrating to have to renew again just 30 days later, especially since QuantumListing does not auto renew your memberships (in fact, we don’t even have your credit card number on file)!

As much as we like getting presents, we love giving them even more! That’s why we are so excited to have a whole month of giving ahead of us. 


Recomended Gift Packs

Here are a few gift packs that we recommend: 

Package 1: Pay for 1 year, get a second year

Package 2: Pay for 1 year, boost 10 listings for a month each.

Package 3: Pay for 1 year, get 1 month of brand promotion in your market plus boost 4 listings for a month.

But don’t let our suggestions limit your creativity! If you want to set up a web meeting to discuss different options, please do so by clicking HERE.

Thanks for being a QuantumListing member, and we look forward to continuing working with you in 2020 and beyond!

Click HERE to renew your membership now.

Not a member yet? Join now, pay today and get the same offer, plus you'll get an additional month!

This offer expires at midnight on December 31st, 2019, so be sure to take advantage of it before it ends!

by Julia Perlmutter
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