by Julia Perlmutter

Get To Know QuantumListing Reports

Recently, we conducted a survey to see if the real estate community is aware of all that you can do with QuantumListing. Although many of you know about some of our features, few of you know about all of them. As a result, we decided to launch a new series for our blog, the Unsung Features of QuantumListing.

 If you missed the first blog post, it was about QuantumListing’s referral program and you can check it out here! The next feature we want to make sure you’re acquainted with is Listing Reports.

What’s the weather listing report?

At QuantumListing, our slogan is “Search for free, post for less, share everywhere.” When we say share everywhere, we mean it. Not only can you share listings via email, you can also send them to all of your social media streams and even to your own website. You may want to share your entire portfolio of listings at once or you may choose to send one listing at a time.

Sometimes sharing one listing just isn’t enough though. You want to share many at one time. Maybe you're sending a survey of space to a client, you want to keep track of listings to follow up on for yourself, or you want to add them to a page on your website or blog.

Reporting for Duty

QuantumListing makes this easy with its listing reports feature. With just a few clicks, you can add any listing to a report and then send out all of those listings together via email, social media, or copy and paste a snippet of iFrame code to add your listing report to your website.

Not only can you make a report using your own listings but you can choose from any listing on our website to add to your report. This is one of the reasons it is worth registering for a QuantumListing account even when you don’t have your own listings. If you have not registered for an account yet, you can do so here. It’s free! 

Whether you are emailing a listing report, downloading it or sharing it on your website, listing reports have hyperlinks to the listing, and the most important details about the included properties.

There are two ways that you can add a listing to a report, either from a listing card using the three vertical dots at the upper right side or from a listing detail page by clicking the plus sign on the vertical gray toolbar. For a more detailed step by step process, check out this article on Listing Reports  from our How It Works section

Note: This is how we are able to share our members’ listings during our online marketing sessions, Haves and Wants 2.0.

Try it yourself!

Ok now it is your turn. Make your own listing report (at least two listings), send it to j[email protected], and we will add 3 months onto your QuantumListing premium membership.

Ok that was easy, what’s up next?

Since Listing Reports were a breeze, do you have another QuantumListing feature you want to learn more about? Comment below and we will consider it for an upcoming Unsung Feature post.