by Ben Perlmutter

From Seinfeld to QuantumListing: The Power of Syndication


The word is probably best known when it refers to how TV shows get licensed to other channels for reruns after their original run is complete. Syndication can be an awesome source of revenue for both the show that’s being syndicated and the network’s that air the old show.

Take for instance the 90s TV sitcom Seinfeld. The show’s rights holders have made over $3 billion in the more than 20 years since it’s been off the air. The show’s titular lead actor, and creator Jerry Seinfeld has made over $400 million from the show. Meanwhile, the networks that are syndicating Seinfeld do quite well for themselves–the syndicated reruns average a two percent share of television viewers.

Not bad for a show that’s been off the air for 20 years!

Believe it or not, syndication is also playing an increasingly large role in CRE tech.

Listing and CRM services can partner with each other to serve the listings or other information that you post on one site to another with the simple click of a button. It may not make you that Jerry Seinfeld $400 million, but it can at least save you a couple of minutes per listing!

Time is money, and while those few minutes might not be worth hundreds of millions, listing syndication can certainly make your life easier.  It may also help you win some more exclusive listings.

With this in mind, QuantumListing has been establishing syndication partnerships across the world of CRE tech so that your digital CRE experience can be quicker and more streamlined than ever.

Take a look at some of our current partnerships and some of the emerging partnerships that we have in the pipeline.


Our first syndication partnership is with Buildout, the CRE marketing platform. Using Buildout, you can create marketing materials for your business, including listing flyers, brochures, and proposals. Instead of having to fuddle around between different applications and having to worry about your style looking good and being consistent, with Buildout, you only need to enter the information and the platform makes beautiful marketing materials for you. You can then serve the materials to your website, create links just for the listings, and send trackable emails.

In addition to all those cool things, you can send your listings on Buildout to QuantumListing as well. All the property data and photos that you’ve uploaded to make listing flyers on Buildout is the same info that you’d need to create listings on QuantumListing. That’s why we’ve partnered up with Buildout so you can, with the simple click of a button on your Buildout profile, instantaneously send the same info to your QuantumListing profile.

When our users like our product, we listen. The success that we’ve had integrating with Buildout inspired us to pursue some other syndication partnerships.

Leavitt Digital (new!)   

This week we started a new syndication partnership with Leavitt Digital (also known as LDCRE), a free CRE distribution platform. Check out our recent blog post about this partnership. One of the most exciting features of LDCRE is that they send listings to local news outlets. You can also search their collection of listings on their website.

You can now send your listings from QuantumListing to the LDCRE system. From there, the listings will be syndicated to the over 500 local news websites powered by Geocentric Media. By the end of 2019, this number is projected to grow to 2,000 sites!

SharpLaunch (coming soon!)

In the coming weeks, we will begin a syndication partnership with SharpLaunch, another CRE marketing platform. SharpLaunch is an all-in-one marketing platform specifically built for commercial properties to help streamline marketing operations, improve asset visibility and save time for busy commercial real estate teams. Soon you’ll be able to add your listings from SharpLaunch to QuantumListing with a just click, like you already can with Buildout. 

SharpLaunch CEO Bob Samii says, “we are excited to partner with Quantum Listing and through our integration help SharpLaunch users extend the visibility of their listings and significantly reduce time spent on marketing and updating listings.”


Syndication Integration

QuantumListing CEO and Founder David Perlmutter is excited about the incredible value the syndication partnerships add to its users.

David says about these partnerships, “They save brokerages and owners countless hours of data entry time, making it much easier for listings to appear on more services than ever before. With more listings, a visit to QuantumListing provides much more information, adding incredible value to those that click on to the site. However, the purpose of a listing marketplace like QuantumListing is not just to generate a pool of listings and site searches. It is to help agents, owners, buyers and tenants find each other, making the real estate market more efficient. The distribution that our syndication partnerships will provide our users is another important step in bringing the supply and demand side closer together in an efficient and cost-effective manner.”

So now that you won’t have to spend so much time uploading your listings to so many different sites, you can spend more time on the other parts of your business—or watching Seinfeld reruns!