by QuantumListing Team

Four Features You Need to Know Now

With so many features, having to pick just four is a challenge. However, you can look through our How It Works section to learn about EVERY one of them, or surf through our blog posts. For instance, last year we compiled our top 10 Tips for Buildout Users, which are just as relevant to non-Buildout users. We’re here to bring you a few more tips. 

Online Advertising 

Did you know that QuantumListing can help you create an advertising campaign for your listings on the Google Adwords  Display Network? With just a few clicks, you can pick which listings you want to show on website display ads in your market. We use display ads rather than search ads, because you get a lot more clicks for your money. 

With a minimum ad spend of $25, it is within most people’s budget to use this feature. Although the number of views your ad gets will vary from market to market (bigger cities are more expensive than less populated areas), it has been our experience that your display ad will get between 25,000 and 35,000 views. Almost everyone who tries this type of ad campaign does it again, so it must be working. 


Listing Lead Capture FormGet Your Leads 

Generating more leads is why you use a site like QuantumListing. When someone views your listing, they get a popup asking if they want more information. If your $89.99 annual QuantumListing Premium Membership is current, the contact information from that lead will then get delivered to your email.  

Tenants, buyers and brokers still can call or email you from your contact information, but the listing pop up is convenient for them and for you, when you get that email, you know it’s a qualified lead. Can you ever have too many sales leads? 


Promote Your Brand 

When you promote your brand, it not only goes to the top of listings in your city, but also your state. For example, searching Illinois, USA brings you to a brand promotion ad in Liberty. This is key because we often send out statewide email blasts with Illinois Commercial Real Estate Listings. This way, you will be at the top.  

Use Group Chat  

When you join QuantumListing, we add you to a State Haves and Wants marketing group. These have a group chat feature which allows Premium Member  to send their marketing messages, including a link to your listing. When there are new messages, there are onsite notifications, plus group members get a daily email when there are new messages.  


Bonus Tip: Add Good Pictures to Your Listings 

You can add as many pictures to your listing as you want. But, add good pictures. Which listing are you more likely to click on, one with a dark out of focus picture, or one with a well lit and composed picture? Take the time to add great pictures so you get more clicks.  

If you are not a good photographer, ask your kids or a friend, or even a professional to help. Listings with good pictures get more clicks! 

For our users that syndicate their listings from Buildout, make sure that you have checked the box on Buildout that gives their system to send the pictures with the listing. If you or your marketing person are syndicating to us, make it a habit to visit your profile and make sure the pictures are coming through. You’ll know images aren’t syndicating if you see our logo on your listing instead of your pictures. 


We’re Brokers Too 

We hope you try the four features mentioned above. Did you know that in addition to having started QuantumListing, our founder has been in commercial real estate sales and leasing for over 30 years? Because of his experience,the tools we add are practical and easy to use so that you can focus on making deals and get a great return on investment for your Premium Membership.