Follow The Stream


I visited my friend Jamie Schwartz from GHP Office Realty in his office today. In addition to being a great guy, he's a terrific broker and real estate attorney. Jamie was one of the first people to sign up for QuantumListing. My visit reminded him that he needed to add a couple of listings and delete one that was no longer available. When he was looking at his Profile, he was a little bummed because he didn't have any followers. I told him I would follow him when I got back to my office, which I did. To follow another user, just click on their user name on one of their listings and then click on the follow button. It's really easy.
Following a user has a couple of advantages. First, from your profile page you can click on the link to see who you are following, then click on the tile with their profile picture and user name. You'll get to see all of their listings. So, if there is an agent or owner in your market that you follow, you can quickly see their listings without having to search for them.
The second advantage is that the most recent updates and changes to the listings of those you follow are easily accessible by clicking the My Stream button. So, in the instance of Jamie, after I followed him, I was able to go to my profile page and see the two listings he added or updated. You should make a habit of checking your stream regularly, because only the five most recent changes are visible!
There is one small catch, though. In order to follow QuantumListing users and to see their updates in your Stream, you have to be a registered QuantumListing member. When you REGISTER, you'll get a trial Premium Membership. If you don't opt to continue your Premium Membership at the end of the trial, you'll become a basic member and will still be able to follow other members. Get a look at all of our features, membership levels and pricing by clicking HERE.
When you do join QuantumListing, look for the brokers and owners in your market and be sure to follow them. Then, have a look at your stream on a regular basis to keep up to date with the changes in your market. Follow the stream!